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R.Rose Takes Listeners Through A Emotional Journey In “Aqua Blue Nights”

Maryland musician R.Rose embodies emotional decadence and difficulties in his latest EPAqua Blue Nights.” Curated in a split hip hop, R&B, and autotune style similar to Kid Cudi, Rose presents his trauma in a unique manner, which evokes deep, conscious thoughts into the ears of listeners. Composed of five tracks, Rose thoroughly describes inner turmoil with his best gift, making music.

In this project, I sincerely express the personal struggle of sexual addiction, dealing with emotional trauma, my sincerest, and most profound desire of wanting to be righteous and evolve through all my shortcomings. I internalized the power of sexual addiction and how lust, most times overpowered my judgment at times, especially when dealing with female counterparts. Also, I suffered from emotional trauma since I was a kid and expressing how it relates to my addictions. However, deep inside, I yearn to rise above these flaws, and the first step is acknowledgment. As a letter to myself, this project was me acknowledging these things. R.Rose 

Track List

  1. Lover Boy
  2. Motions 
  3. Wrong Things FT. Sya RNB
  4. Depression And Model Girls 
  5. Falling Stars

Emotional and intuitive, Rose puts together a smoothly curated project, which is sure to dim the mood and get you through those “Aqua Blue Nights.” The EP is available on all streaming platforms.