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Dallas’ D.Tall Drops ‘Kill Lucy’ (LP)

Hailing from Dallas, D.Tall is an emerging new act with an introspective flow, extreme confidence and must-hear performance. Led by faith, the star on the rise introduces his sound on a larger scale in a self-reflecting new album called Kill Lucy. Short for “Kill Lucifer,” from the tutelage of Lecare and Super producer J.White, D.Tall displays that today’s Hip-Hop is more than money, cash, hoes.

Produced entirely by D.Tall-himself, the ten-track ensemble a unique presence in today’s music with D.Tall faith-driven lyrical substance. Filled with food for thought on breakout songs like “Tried to Love the Streets,” “Glory to God” and “Thank You”. While the album is rooted in spiritual appeal, D.Tall is well-balanced and delivers a well-versed discussion that fans will understand by all-ages. A first-impression to most, Kill Lucy is D.Tall’s rebirth as he lives his old life behind and embarks on the next phase of his career.

Take a listen to D.Tall’s new album below. After the stream, feel free to follow D.Tall’s journey on social media on daily updates and more.