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G The Mastermind Recruits Chelly The MC On The “Go” Remix

Maryland music maven G The Mastermind followed up on his first project in years “Don’t Count Me Out and lead single “Go.” Now he taps ascending Washington D.C. star rapper Chelly The MC on a fiery remix. Being a metaphor for how he lives his life, G delivers a new and rapidly-paced video that matches the exuberant energy of the single. Chelly adds a bit of her flair along with it—going bar for bar, the two balance each other perfectly for an engaging remix. 

The single theme is catered towards the Fast and Furious film series. It’s fast-paced and catchy for the ears of listeners. Both of the rappers’ cadences match the semblance of a thrilling car chase. The “Go” remix meant to captivate fans to make them feel as if they’re with G The Mastermind and Chelly The MC at the moment.  

The video for “Go” drew in over 40,000 views in the past month, which states that G The Mastermind officially made a grand return back into the realm of music. Having his name featured on multiple big platforms such as WorldstarHipHop, HipHop Weekly, The Hype Magazine, DCist.com, ThisisRnB.com, AllHipHop, and Vevo, G is no stranger to critical success. 

“It feels good to get back to making consistent music again,” he said. “I got away from it for a while, and I missed being on the ‘Go,’ so I’m back at pursuing my ambitions of being a legendary artist one day. It was terrific to have Chelly on the remix. She’s “fantastic.” 

G, for the past couple of years, has been prepping for his return to music while adjusting to life as a father and family man. His love for music and supporting his loved ones fuel him always to “go go, go go!”
So just like the song title states, “Go” stream the remix on your favorite streaming platform.