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Dr. Ozi ‘Host’ His Own EP & It’s Awesome

Dr. Ozi, a thriving new recording artist who has performed at over 100 shows and festivals throughout the years, supplies fans with new music during the pandemic with the release of his new EP, titled, Host.

Host is a five-track project filled with multi-faceted music to dance to by the accomplished hitmaker which dives deep into his arsenal of undeniable creations. Experimenting with newfound elements, Dr. Ozi operates with a unique set of tools on the project that will revolutionize the dance scene for generations to come. Blending today’s trends with an enriched history of electronic greatness for an experience that will never be forgotten among music discussions for the foreseeable future.

On the making of Host, Ozi says:

“The “Host” EP is the continuum of the “Demons In Denial” EP – the ongoing story of Dr. Ozi. The Ozi character now has control over the population, and people are beginning to follow him. His followers are known as “hosts.”

He elaborates, “The EP consists of 5 vastly different tracks – all experimental, yet heavy. Each track demonstrates the new and old sound of Dr. Ozi, whilst maintaining the core storyline.”

Take a listen below, courtesy Spotify.