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Hey, I'm Ian. I'm 19 years old, and I'm a lover of all music except country (RIP sorry not sorry). My favorite works are those that push the limits of current norms. Follow me on Twitter to catch all my articles when they go live! https://twitter.com/Blow_The_Trap

Nitti Gritti and Jupe Drop Genre-Fluid Track ‘Famous’ [FREE DOWNLOAD]

We’re in an interesting time for genres in the US. EDM is rapidly expanding every day, being the fastest growing genre of our time. Simultaneously, with The Chainsmokers’ success, Future Bass and EDM-heavy production in general has been bleeding into Pop music. On top of that, popular Rap music in general has become Trap music with verses on top, lending itself better to EDM. Nitti Gritti and Jupe’s latest track ‘Famous‘ seems to be representitive of the freedom granted by such an indefinite state of music genres. ‘Famous’ kicks things off with a Rap style straight out of Travis Scott‘s more »

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VALENTINE and 4AM Deliver Full Package Experience with Track ‘Us’ Plus Merch

If you haven’t heard VALENTINE and 4AM’s latest collaboration ‘Us‘ yet, well, what are you waiting for? Featuring the vocal talents of Naji, this epic and emotive Future Bass song boasts colorful melodies and powerful high end synths. Coupled with the clean cut and sharp mastering common in VALENTINE tracks, the track promises a high energy experience. That experience just got even more immersive today. Today, via the song’s release label Moving Castle, VALENTINE and 4AM have opened a line of merch specifically for the song. Boasting the track artwork, evoking the ‘Creation of Adam’ painting, this hat and sweater more »

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Subfer Turns Up with Future Bass Track ‘High’ [FREE DOWNLOAD]

This 19 year old San Diego Future Bass artist is no stranger to the scene. With most of his tracks being featured on well known collectives such as Wonderlust and Trap City, Subfer is becoming a known name in the scene, and for good reason. Subfer’s identifying trait is his seamless cohesion of Future Bass and Rap. He is exceptionally good at tapping into the Hip Hop instrumentation in Future Bass and unleashing it’s full potential. His newest track ‘High‘ is one of the best testaments to this ability. ‘High’ displays a high level of production skill through Subfer’s cleanly more »

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Artist Spotlight: Jessica Audiffred, the Mexico City Bass Baroness

Bass and Trap artist Jessica Audiffred has been on a roll over the last year. With backing from brands like Pioneer and Beats Audio, and even artist Flux Pavilion, it appears Jessica’s imminent come-up is more of a formality at this point, with the hard work already done. A dominant force already in the Mexican festival scene, 2017 appears to be the year where the Mexico City native will transition her momentum into the global scene. It’s easy to see why Jessica is such a powerhouse in the Mexican festival scene just by previewing any of her sets. Each mix more »

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William Crooks Drops Inspiring LP ‘if i don’t live forever’

Let’s get straight to the point: William Crooks‘ LP ‘if i don’t live forever’ is more than a song, more than beats, but a work of art. A compilation of 12 works, the album mixes in LoFi styles in such a way that it is distinctly still Hip-Hop while showing a clear consciousness of the current LoFi movement. There is no single mood of the album. It seems to tackle a very wide range of emotions, but carries a sense of nostalgia with it’s vinyl sound. And it makes sense that it has this air of nostalgia, as the project was more »

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HEKLER Drops Massive Trap Banger ‘MEGALINK’

When it comes to HEKLER, the only thing you can know for sure that you’re gonna get is top level sound design, and all the bass you could ever ask for. We’ve reported on HEKLER twice before, both on his collaborative EP with WHIPPED CREAM and on his single with Lemay. Both were Trap and Bass inspired, and both had next level sound design. But the sound of each work is entirely different. And that is true of all of HEKLER’s works, where the most common theme is ironically how unique each track is in its own right. HEKLER continues this more »

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Graves Unveils Debut EP, Atmospheric and Emotionally Heavy ‘Hilo’

Graves has always been able to deliver with cleanly produced hard hitting tracks, highlighted by impressive command over the atmosphere. They deliver the Trap experience that all bassheads want, while remaining remarkably conscious of their tone and mood. Because of this, within each Graves track there is always a feeling of them being more than just the bangers that they are. The hard hitting trap beats have always been the crux of his work, with the atmosphere being the cherry on top helping Graves stand out. Graves New EP ‘Hilo’ Flips The Dynamic of His Production Style. In comes the 6 track EP more »

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