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Why You Should Start Working Now Instead of Waiting for 2017

Whenever I open my Facebook feed and start scrolling down during the holiday season, all I see are photos with Grandma and even more cringy: those posts from wantrepreneurs about them blowing up come 2017. This is one of the worst things you want to do for your brand or business, particularly in the music industry. I find that those who post these are looking for people to start noticing them by telling them they will be (i.e. “Stay woke fam 2017 about to be poppin’ #cringesquad) Show don’t tell. Instead of posting on your social medias about how 2017 is more »

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This New Flip From Convex IS Future Bass

Los Angeles based artist Zach Morgan aka Convex suddenly dropped a ‘flip’ of Kap Slap & Gazzo’s house track ‘Rewind’ on the 16th. This flip reminds me of all the fun days I’d have with friends playing nintendo games like Pokemon and Super Mario on my Nintendo SP with it’s happy arp filled drop. He expertly created a surrounding for the main character of his masterpiece, the vocals. Jumping from chord to chord and bouncing with the kick, it’s incredibly hard not to feel nostalgic and in a trance when listening to this amazing example of what Future Bass Music can more »

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Artist Premier: Croix – You’re The One

Cleveland based musician Croix has been stirring up controversy everywhere with his extremely mature festival centered bass music. His recent tune released on the up and coming Epicure Artist Collective,  named ‘You’re The One’. This song starts with some great vocal echoes to set a summer vibe, and leads into a massive Future Bass drop that would turn a crowd wild. The second drop is a surprise that simply cannot be revealed. Enjoy this amazing song to start off your summer with here:  

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Trapstyle’s Weekly Roundup Volume 4

We’re back again for another week of diverse sounds and flavors from artists big and small. These five beautifully mastered tracks will help you deal with your dreary Sunday full of the forebode that is school or work on Monday. From sampled Pussycat Dolls vocals to massive trap sounds, you’ll find a good range of it all here.   First up, we have Aux Paris’s new release, a remix of Steve Jame’s song ‘Renaissance’ from Gill Chang. While there have been a myriad of remixes of ‘Renaissance’ that have come up into the forefront, this one is much different than more »

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Trapstyle’s Weekly Roundup Volume 2

We at Trapstyle have come up with yet another round of sounds that made our extremely selective requirements. From warped bass tracks with heavy subs to softer beats with more emotion, this editor’s choice is full of flavor and for those who enjoy critically listening to their songs. This week, we have a medley of songs by the likes of Crystalize to Curbi to Not Your Dope.  Krys Talk – Faded Released by blossoming tastemakers  Rauthentic & Play It Louder, after a year of no public songs artist Krys Talk makes an intense blast into the present with his classy trap song ‘Faded’. This song more »

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EP in Review: LEViT∆TE & Justin Hartinger – Darknet EP

Seattle based artists LEViT∆TE & Justin Hartinger seem to be on a roll, particularly with their new EP out for free. The EP consists of three abstract, aesthetically dark and twisted masterpieces that are a completely new kind of music never heard before. Each individual song brings about different feelings and emotions that tie together to one constant theme: innovation. When listening to this album, there are sounds never heard of before coming from a whole new level of sound design that would take any average person a lifetime to master. LEViTATE is fairly well known in the bass music scene more »

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Artist Spotlight: Far & Few

Work hard, play hard. In order to grow and prosper as a producer in this day and age with an oversaturated market you need to put in work and insist upon creativity in your brand and music. Future Bass newcomers, Far & Few (Hunter & Nelson), are off to an exhilarating start with their melodic and unique tracks that are gaining praise from blog Beautiful Buzz, Alison Wonderland, and other artists in the niche genre. While they only have a few songs up on SoundCloud and around the web, this Austin based duo is steadily rising to fame and pushing the boundaries more »

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Contrvbvnd at it Again for a Must Listen Original

San Diego based duo Contrvbvnd is back at it again for a festival worthy, classic EDM track that is sure to ” blow the roof off the place.” What starts out as a suspenseful intro turns into a Hardwell-esque track full of banger material. The heavy drop sends the listener into a myriad of emotions that make them want to tear their house down. An unexpected song from Contrvbvnd is always welcome here at TrapStyle.  

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Artist Spotlight: LUZCID

TrapStyle interviewed the upcoming Bass music phenomenon ‘LUZCID‘:   TrapStyle: We heard you have an EP coming out with Play Me Records. What first made you want to make an EP? LUZCID: It kind of just happened. I started working with ‘Born I Music‘ after we were linked up through management and instantly clicked. We had a very similar mentality and idea about what we wanted to deliver musically and as a message to our listeners. In the course of a week we had all three tracks for the EP done ready for engineering. Sometimes the creativity and the collaborative more »

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