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To Write Love On Her Arms a Non-Profit Saves Lives with Bassnectar’s Compassion

To Write Love On Her Arms

Something unexpected and wonderful happened this year at Electric Forest and not many people knew about it. Bassnectar volunteered at an amazing non-profit called To Write Love On Her Arms. They serve those who have mental health issues and suicide prevention. This year at Forest they placed several phones around the grounds where someone would sit at the switchboard and wait for a light to blink. That meant there was someone one the other line. Volunteers would talk to attendees and they would ask them questions about their life and if they wanted to reach out to someone close to more »

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Buygore Releases Fresh New Clothing Line!

For the past few years we’ve seen many artists, record labels and collectives trying to push merch into the mainstream to break the barrier between merch and general clothing. Buygore brings you a punk rock meets dubstep clothing line which features snapbacks, t shirts and singlets that are sure to excite any long looking for their source of angst in clothing. Here is some of the new designs they have.                         You can view the rest of the collective here

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Genius Sound Temple Needs Your Help Funding Their Stage at Oregon Eclipse 2017

Genius Sound Temple

Are you an audiophile looking for the most in depth ways to experience sound to the maximum potential? Have you heard of sound healing? The Genius Sound Temple is a breathtaking idea that is coming to life piece by piece, but they need your help to bring it to life. It is designed for the Oregon Eclipse 2017, featuring sound healers from across the country on their stage. The main focus of this project is bringing awareness to the power of sound healing to create safe spaces at festivals. We have gotten in contact with Benjamin McGrand, the Marketing Lead for more »

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It Is Almost Time To Return Home, To Sherwood Forest

Festival Season is what all of us live for, we bare through the cold winters in hopes for what amazing adventures the warm summers will bring us.  Whether that just means we stay around our area or we decided to travel far distances, one thing is for sure, Festi Season is the best season.  Going to festivals is a time to let go of all our worries, to escape our everyday normal lives and immerse ourselves in the music that truly touches our soul. Those moments that you are listening to an artist you love, and you look around and more »

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MORTEN Captivates Us With His Compelling New Single “Keep Me From You”

LA-based producer MORTEN takes us on a riveting ride with his new single, “Keep Me From You”. Featuring impactful vocals from Oda, this track resonates naturally with any listener through its universal embodiment of love and loss. With its soulful lyrics, booming bass lines,  breathy buildups, and all of its glory, we can’t help but succumb to the contagious energy of this tasteful tune. We can’t get enough of MORTEN’s dynamic, energetic vibe. Keep your eyes on this maestro as he continues to evolve and make waves over the coming months. “Keep Me From You” is a crucial component for your summer more »

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Exclusive Interview with TrapCore

TrapCore is a brand which merges hardcore inspired fashion with Trap influenced style. Creator, Matt Penttila aka Tilla, is also director of the Certified Trap documentary series which debuted in 2012. The documentary followed Tilla and his partner Pesh as they bridged the gap between the Electronic trap music world and Trap Hip Hop. The series made notable contributions to the future of Trap music, like introducing Waka Flocka to EDM, Flosstradamus to DJ Trap-A-Holics (Mr. Damn son, where’d you find this?), among others. Tilla’s new creation, TrapCore is the next step in the evolution of the post-trap wave. You can buy more »

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Ookay Releases New Track “Thief”

Music fans will be excited to hear that Ookay has just put out a new song titled ‘Thief’. First impression after listening through the tune is this is not what the average fan of the trap star would anticipate. The song starts with a plucked bassline along with vocal chops that progress into vocals from the producer himself. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard Ookay sing if anyone recalls his collaboration with Getter on ‘Told You’ from his ‘Planet Neutral’ LP. The tune moves onto high pitched vocals building to the most exquisite saxophone we’ve heard in a while accompanied more »

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FestiCrates.com – Now delivering EDM Gear Straight to your Door

Finally, a Birchbox for electronic music gear. Startup FestiCrates.com provides curated dance music gear to a wide range of music listeners. FestiCrates’s unique music curation system fulfills your electronic music tastes with hand-picked, exclusive merchandise shipped monthly to your door.  “We strongly believe in self-expression and as such offers something for everyone whether it be apparel, accessories or flow toys.” In addition to club and festival gear, FestiCrates sends custom-tailored playlists with each orders, aligning the taste of music and fashion into one. Check out FestiCrates in action. To get started with a FestiCrates subscription, or check out their gear for sale more »

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Jason Maek & Zaena’s ‘Fashion Week: The Visual Album’ is the Creative Juggernaut of 2016

Jason Maek x Zaena - Fashion Week

  Step aside Kanye, there are new cats in town. Jason Maek & Zaena flawlessly display that they are the new creative visionaries for 2016. Their latest creation ‘Fashion Week’ is a visual album combining big screen cinematography and expertly crafted music into a full narrative experience. The Vision Jason Maek & Zaena share small moments of the record in behind the scene interviews. Inspired by fashion designers, the duo collected of pictures, quotes, and other bits of inspiration to create mood boards for every song on the album. By visually mapping out each track, Maek & Zaena were able to more »

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Gloving is Not a Crime– It is… A Community

Emazing mask

Written by: Jared Rapoza California based startup EmazingLights, founded by Brian Lim, has been on the rise ever since it was created in 2010. EmazingLights is the front runner retail company of many LED rave accessories, and they are best known for their light show gloves that any festival goer is bound to see at least once. ‘Gloving’, has gone viral and become a hobby for many, and even a career for some people with extremely talented hand choreography skills. They recently released a promotion video, titled, “Gloving is Not a Crime – Gloving is” where people passionate about the more »

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Kayne Starts Shit with Wiz Over His New Album Title

Last night, Kanye West changed the name of his forthcoming album from SWISH to WAVE. The change met criticism from fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa—who felt Kanye was not paying proper respect to Max B. Now Kanye has taken to Twitter with a hilarious response. “Bro first of all you stole your whole shit from Cudi,” he tweeted “Second, your first single was corny as fuck” Kanye keeps going with a rant:

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WTF Wear Giveaway!

Trapstyle has teamed up with WTF Wear for an awesome giveaway! Heres what you have to do to win: 1. LIKE WTF WEAR (IF YOU ALREADY HAVE, GOOD ON YA) 2. SHARE THE ARTICLE ON FACEBOOK 3. LIKE THE TRAPSTYLE ARTICLE BELOW WANNA WIN THE JESUS LEAN T-SHIRT FAMOUSLY WORN BY GHASTLY?WTF WEAR HAS PARTNERED UP WITH TRAPSTYLE.COM FOR THIS ONE… Posted by WTF WEAR on Saturday, November 14, 2015 W​TF Wear, a Vancouver based streetwear brand, has teamed up with renowned social media personalities, established WTF Ambassadors, and a killer lineup of North American EDM artists. Notable EDM DJs affiliated and wearing WTF more »

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Envision Festival – Costa Rica 2016 Announces Incredible First Wave Lineup

Envision Festival – Costa Rica announces a world-class music, yoga, and speaker lineup for their sixth annual gathering, taking place on the majestic shores of Uvita, Costa Rica from February 25th to 28th, 2016. With the goal of creating a festival that represents the harmonious blending of many different cultures, the musical acts come from nine different countries, span three continents, and represent a wide array of musical genres. Headlining acts include a rare Central American performance from England’s forefather of psychedelic electronica Shpongle and California’s experimental world fusion favorites Beats Antique Live. Showcasing the lineup’s musical diversity, Envision rounds more »

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New Daft Punk Merch

The legendary masked duo is at it again (sadly not with new music this time) with an awesome new ad campaign along with awesome new merchandise.  All the new merch is made in collaboration with some big names and proves that the robots can design as well as they make music.  Check out some of the ads below and pick up the gear at www.daftpunk.com Follow all the new merch and timeless designs on instragram @daftpunkstore

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Benefit Hoodies

Beat maker and rapper Benefit has just unveiled some fresh new merch, the benefit hoodie comes in 5 different color/design combos.  Check em out below and grab one here! ALSO, check out his current releases on his soundcloud and stay posted for some new tracks dropping soon!

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DJ Snake announces brand partnership with the Parisian brand Germeii Paris.  DJ Snake has been recognized for his strong fashion sense and style, as well as, his music. Being from Paris, he has a connection with French culture and fashion.  DJ Snake and Germeii Paris created and have debuted the bomber jacket, the first piece from the line. It’s his first apparel product and is a signature piece of fashion that incorporates music and purpose. “Beyond its design, the bomber jacket showcases DJ Snake’s sigil symbolizing the ever changing cycle of fashion.  Although trends may come and go, Parisian fashion more »

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