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DJ Young: The Hottest Quarantine Party in the World

The Coronoavirus took the world by surprise and forced the entire U.S.into isolation. Hip Hop aided the world through entertainment and it all started with the now infamous DJ set of legendary recording artist DJ D-Nice. Playing for a star-studded following that included the likes of Diddy, Michelle Obama, Oprah and many more. After the viral performance, D-Nice set a trend of DJs entertaining their own crowds with hours of great music but no one made a created a bigger buzz after D-Nice than North Carolina party starter, DJ Young. “I actually gave myself the name of DJ Young. My more »

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Miami’s Da Image Drops “Upper Echelon” Video

Miami’s Da Image is an exciting new entertainer with a previously released hit, “Upper Echelon.” Buzzing right now, the new star continues to makes his presence felt with the release of his new visual, titled, “Upper Echelon”. Shot in Miami by Benny Flash, the visual focus on Da Image… well… image. Dapped in designer fashion and cruising around the streets in several lavish cars. While flossing, Da Image sticks to his familiar expensive designer flow and delivers another great addition to the catalog. The video shows Da Image’s lyrical abilities steadily growing and destined to be at the top of more »

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Insomniac Howls a Stacked Lineup for Nocturnal Wonderland 2018

For festival heads, summer is the season to unwind, hang with friends, and trek to big name music festivals. As the ambassador for electronic music festivals, Insomniac will be returning this September with the long-running Nocturnal Wonderland to bring fans three nights of camping and two days of art and music. The sea of talent tiding this year’s festival includes Boombox Cartel, Bijou, Slumberjack, Jai Wolf, and more. This year’s long list of names should be enough to leave fans drooling in anticipation until Fall. Here’s a couple artists we are looking forward to performing: PRXZM  The electro-pop duo has more »

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BarryHendrixx Spits Buzzworthy “Six Teen”

Introducing Los Angeles recording artist BarryHendrixx, the fast-rising sensation is catching a wave on the West Coast right now thanks to the buzz surrounding his new song, “Six Teen”. Produced by ChasetheMoney, “Six Teen” tells the upbringing of the L.A.-native infused with a spectacular performance of creative play-on-words that ends with listeners instantly becoming addicted to the mystic of BarryHendrixx. “Six Teen” is a fresh fire-starter for the West Coast that showcases a promising career for the newcomer that is on the launching pad and about to take-off in the near future. Built for success, the new song has received more »

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Audiotistic Bay Area 2018 Looks to Make Bigger Splash With Stacked Lineup

After booking a stacked lineup of A-Class names that included Marshmello, Lil Uzi Vert, Ghastly, Playboi Carti, and Joyryde, flagship festival organization, Insomniac, returns to host Audiotistic with a lineup that is twice as big and full of promise. For two days, Audiotistic Bay Area will have appearances from Ekali, Medasin, Jai Wolf, K?D, and more looking to make a splash at this year’s festival grounds. Artists who have made strong campaigns this past year such as Whipped Cream and Judge will be taking center stage Saturday along with a superstar roster of earworm rap and electronic acts. Since 1996, more »

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Bro Can I Steal This? – A Meme Review [February 2018]

As a connoisseur of memes, it is fair to say that meme content has become a modern form of communication and interconnection for millennials and Generation Z. With advancements in technology, our affinity for memes and internet culture has kept us closer to our phones and laptops than anything else. With access to news and media at the stroke of a finger, these sessions where we relax-and-swipe have normalized into our everyday schedules. Our attention spans and content consumption has us binge-streaming meme photos and videos for hours on end.  Memes have given this generation a voice and solace those more »

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