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Exclusive: Chris Varvaro Talks New Sound and Making Impact in 2019

With his new single, “Broken” taking off, we spoke with fast-rising recording artist Chris Varvaro on his highly-anticipated breakout 2019. In the exclusive interview, Chris reveals tricks of the trade, mapping out your destiny in music, and so much more. Get familiar with the new star in the complete interview below. [Trapstyle] What influences do you think shine through the productions you make? [Chris Varvaro] That is so tough and I wish I had one answer because I have so many musical influences. I listen to all types of music to inspire me like Rock, Alternative, Jazz, Deep House/ several more »

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GTA talks Australian artists ahead of upcoming tour

The powerhouse party duo that is GTA are on their way back down under to bring the good times thanks to touring powerhouse BBE. To prepare for this, we were lucky enough to get the chance to have a chat with them about their career, production and their favourite Australian artists. [TSAU] Looking back on your career it seems like one of the real tipping points was the feature on Diplo’s Express Yourself EP way back in 2012, with Move Around. Then following up on this the next year with Boy Oh Boy. How did all of this fall together, and more »

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PREMIERE: Leotrix x Jack Slade – Jers

Leotrix x Jack Slade - Jers

Leotrix and Jack Slade are two young guns out of Sydney and Adelaide respectively that are definitely starting to build a name for themselves. Leotrix, having just turned 18 is starting to take Sydney by storm, with booking after booking seemingly just flying in. Jack Slade, at just 17 has gained some prominence on SoundCloud over the last year, getting noticed by the likes of Enschway and LUUDE, and even getting some love from Alison Wonderland. This track, Jers, is something a little bit different from what we’re used to from both of the boys, initially channelling some housey vibes more »

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Feeling Emotions With luupy [INTERVIEW]

luupy cover photo

Last week I sat down and did an interview with luupy, a budding new artist out of Austin, Texas. He is quickly making waves in the electronic music scene with aggressive and emotional basslines and a devil may care attitude. A few of our writers have been talking behind the scenes about his sound and the unique music that he has been releasing so I jumped at the chance to interview him. In this interview we talk a bit about how he got into electronic production, his influences for his bass heavy music, and his aversion to Nazis. We cover more »

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MalLabel Music Owner Talks About Experimental Bass [Interview]

MalLabel Music

The Electronic Dance Music scene is one of the most rigorously changing landscapes within the music industry. The constant creation of sub-genres and the rotation of popularity of said sub-genres creates a highly evolving, extremely competitive market to break into. This never ending cycle of evolution leads dance music to the forefront of creativity and puts labels in a place to hand pick the next big trends. As labels find more and more artist expanding their horizons and trying to stand out, they are also stumbling across artist who are revolutionizing songwriting and production. This can make it difficult to more »

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Our Interview With Monstercat’s Haywyre

It is so humbling getting the chance to learn more about artists we love, especially when they come from one of our favorite labels.  That is exactly the feeling we had when we got the opportunity to interview Haywyre from Monstercat. Martin Vogt, or as fans know him, Haywyre has such a beautiful and unique sound.  His music has a jazz infused electronic feel, which shows how talented this young individual really is with what he creates.  We hope you enjoy learning more about Haywyre like we did. What got you into the scene? Electronic music was the most logical more »

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6 Artists That Inspire Chime To Make Badass Bass Music


Chime is an artist revolutionizing bass music in a way that creates a melodic side of heavy bass unlike most artist who choose one side or the other. In conjunction with Point Blank Music School, Chime sat down to tell us where he gets the inspiration for his creative sound. Xilent Xilent’s “Choose Me II” opened my eyes (and I guess ears) to the fact that melodic dubstep could even work. This track introduced me to supersaws and how a dubstep track can be powerful even without traditional dubstep bass sounds. Since then Xilent has been a close influence on more »

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Artist Spotlight: Jessica Audiffred, the Mexico City Bass Baroness

Bass and Trap artist Jessica Audiffred has been on a roll over the last year. With backing from brands like Pioneer and Beats Audio, and even artist Flux Pavilion, it appears Jessica’s imminent come-up is more of a formality at this point, with the hard work already done. A dominant force already in the Mexican festival scene, 2017 appears to be the year where the Mexico City native will transition her momentum into the global scene. It’s easy to see why Jessica is such a powerhouse in the Mexican festival scene just by previewing any of her sets. Each mix more »

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Artist KaTT Takes Narrative Approach To Music In ‘The Opus Collection’

After hearing a playlist entitled ‘Opus Ira‘ by Toronto producer KaTT, there was no doubt in my mind that he has the potential to be a real force in the current Trap scene and Bass scene in general. A holistically structured body of works, this project delivers not only on each individual song but also as a collective composition, like chapters of a book. And they literally flow into each other. The ending of each song serves as the beginning of the next, emphasizing the connected nature of the story. The theme is very clear: “Ira”, meaning wrath. ‘Opus Ira’ take more »

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Queens of Electronic Music 001: HVDES

I am incredibly excited to introduce to you all a new segment on Trapstyle. Each month, we will be interviewing some of the most talented, pure of heart, and intelligent ladies in the business. Vocalists, artists, producers, DJ’s, managers, you name it! We will treat you all to stories and answers from incredible beautiful women, with hope that you will be enlightened by their words of wisdom, their wonderful outlooks on music, art and life, and awed by the power they all hold within themselves to make their dreams come true. You will have insight on all of the queens of more »

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Matias – Bubble Gum

¿Cómo fue que te involucraste en la escena de la CDMX? ¡Todo fue demasiado rápido! Al principio tenía un poco de “miedo” de darme a conocer, por el “¿Qué dirán?” o simplemente por el rechazo,  pero todo cambio cuando conocí a uno de mis mejores amigos producers llamado DIRVAS. Él fue uno de los que me apoyo en esto desde el principio y gracias a el conocí a gente que me ha ayudado bastante en mi proyecto. Gracias a eso empecé a sacar música y la reacción de la gente fue ¡muy buena!, ¡Algo que jamás esperaba! ¿Qué opinas de more »

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Lektrique Talks New Music and Life with Trapstyle

Lektrique has been a consistent name in the music scene for a couple of years from his own productions to helping the hard-hitting Kannibalen Records with Black Tiger Sex Machine. His newest track “Shred” is an electro-destroyer that radiates heavy energy. We wanted to share that track with you and sit down to have a few words with Lektrique himself. “Shred” features Lektrique’s heavy, grinding saws and deep orchestral bellows that he robustly applies. The track opens with a funky, fidgety beat where upon a blasting guitar melts our faces off with long drawn out chords. A quick build delivers more »

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Surce – Banned EP (Interview)

Claudio González aka “Surce” es un productor de bass music radicado en españa, actualmente siendo de los principales exponentes del género en su país, Con su más reciente EP “Banned” vía Trapsyle Español nos permite adentrarnos un poco más en su vida y en como se involucro en este medio. ¿Cómo fue que te involucraste con la música? La verdad es que hace ya muchos años, cuando tenía 15 o 16 años aproximadamente empecé a tocar el bajo con unos amigos en una especie de grupo de rock, no llegamos muy lejos y tampoco duramos mucho como grupo pero nos more »

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MoombahKingz – “Metele” (TSE005)

“Metele” Es el nuevo sencillo de MoombahKingz, productor originario de Chile. Combina los elementos de la cumbia ballenata (música latina) y el moobah de LA, con un diseño de audio muy orgánico, el ritmo característico del moombah y el dembow te invita a mover el booty, un track sencillo pero lleno de texturas de diferentes culturas que te permite disfrutar la creación de uno de los mejores exponentes del moombahton en la actualidad. Un track idead para iniciar un set con ambientes latinos que pondrá a bailar al crowd desde el inicio. 1.- ¿Dónde resides? Actualmente en la ciudad de more »

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One On One With Lil Texas: The Skater Kid Who Overcame Addiction

Lil Texas

Falling into a dark hole of addiction through his journey that transcended his once all too real reality into a downward spiral of depression and lost connections, he persevered and overcame it all. “I just really fucking love music” says Lil Texas as we sit on a leather couch in what was a one of a kind dingy dive bar part venue with an old school feel and a huge stage adjacent to us. He rocks his all black band tee with the notorious illegible but deathly metal band font along with black skinny jeans just like an authentic emo/punk kid would. He nears more »

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Mayhem Talks Music and New UZ Collab

Anthony Rotella aka Mayhem has been producing for the better part of 15 years, touching base with all kinds of musicians and genres. Mayhem has been a fundamental player in the bass scene for quite some time now, always teetering between becoming the next big bass star or lurking in the shadows running the underground trap scene. His newest collab with the masked trap lord UZ is making noise as it sweeps through the ranks of artists so we dug into his new tune and hit him up to talk music. His interesting new tune “Amazon” with fellow esteemed trap more »

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Interview: Will Clarke Talks Dirtybird Campout, Booty Percolatin’, and More!

Will Clarke

Dirtybird Campout made for one hell of a camping trip and if you weren’t there it’s safe to say that you missed out. Do not fear –  check out my recap here so you can vicariously relive or experience Campout in a nutshell. Don’t forget to check out the new updated article here. I had the pleasure of chatting with the notoriously bearded Mr. Will Clarke before embracing the full on Booty-House action of the weekend. His beard as much as his distinctive percolating sounds have made him a staple to the DIRTYBIRD Records fam and it was fairly obvious more »

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Rhythmstar – Blood MagiQ EP

Rhythmstar Blood MagiQ EP // OUT NOW on ShadowTrix   The newest EP from Rhythmstar has just been released on the thundering label ShadowTrix Music. This EP consists of 6 tracks driven with massive undertones of 808 psychedelic global bass sounds featuring some fresh underground MCs laying down fire on top of the Dancehall and Exotic Rhythms. The sounds of Blood MagiQ rattles the tombs of Pharaohs with its percussive overtones, a sound evocative of millions of scarab beetles crawling up the inner walls of the pyramids. Rhythmstar has performed live at countless festivals including the following Lightning in a Bottle, The Cosmic Convergence more »

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