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Deverano enters 2018 With a “Whoah”


NEW YEAR, NEW SONG #WHOAH Kickin’ it in the music scene since the age of 14, Deverano incessantly illustrates his talents in his production, percussion, and vocal skills. He takes on the responsibility of creating that balance and harmony that people seek. His sounds will remind you to not be afraid of anything in life. His music there for your therapy, not just your entertainment. Being there for the community and creating a sense of escapism for others going through an even more arduous time than others is an accolade for Deverano, especially after 2016 events. Deverano helped us enter more »

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Aywy and Rvdical the Kid drop Bollywood-flavored banger “Hide & Seek”

Veteran trap producers, Aywy and Rvdical the Kid, have returned to release the Hindi-flavored banger, “Hide&Seek.” Borrowing influence from Eastern sounds, the duo perfectly fuses Bollywood samples with Western Trap rhythms to create an explosive track that feels fresh and memorable. Sonically, the crisp snare fills that cut through the mix add character and grit. At the heart of the track are the beefy and colorful 808s that punch through the song’s layers and tie the track together. As a nice little touch, Timbaland’s acapella from “Are You That Somebody” are chopped and sprinkled throughout the project to provide a more »

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Chris Birdd Emphasizes the Grind of a Starving Artist in “Level Up”

With a sea of tunes awaiting listeners’ ears on Soundcloud, it is rewarding to find a track that we can call a “gem.” Channeling a hybrid of RnB and Trap, Chris Birdd’s “Level Up” bridges these two soundscapes to create a dynamic and fluid narrative that focuses on the payoffs of hard work and the importance of “investing in oneself.” The song’s triplet bars and melodic refrains are backed by bells and trap drums that feed the song’s emotional pulse. The song’s lyrics champion the grind of a starving artist who is willing to go “broke” for their craft and more »

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If you’ve hit the event horizon, you’ve gone too far. New track “Neon Grave” by HXV

“My music always aspires to communicate from a dark place. Music is an outlet for me to purge feelings, thoughts and emotions, and from that it turns into a means of communication. “ -HXV As I listen to the new track “Neon Grave” by HXV, I struggle to find the perfect combination of words that might help you get a sense of what he has created and how it might make you feel. It is my sincere hope that I can do this gracefully, as music and words are both beautiful vessels by which an emotion might be carried, gifted, more »

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Essex and Brothel give you the warmth you didn’t know you needed with their collaborative release “Volumes”

Essex and Brothel released their debut collaborative track titled “volumes” on January 5th, and it is the perfect time of year for such a release. Regardless of where you are in the world, this track offers its listener a soothing blanket of sound waves. Both producers bring their distinct and established styles to this new song with blown-out mid-range soundscapes. The unique experience in listening to this track, comes with its dynamic arrangement and flow. It introduces you to exquisite sensations with the initial use of higher frequencies, before gently dropping you into the heart of the song which is more »

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