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Trapstyle sits down with Wicca Phase Springs Eternal at Emo Nite Day in Los Angeles, CA

We had the opportunity to sit down with Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, the founder of Gothboi Clique. The following is a transcribed conversation that took place backstage, at Emo Nite Day on December 3rd 2017 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA.   Trapstyle: Where are you from?   Wicca Phase: I’m from Scranton, Pennsylvania   Trapstyle: How did you transition out of Scranton into what you’re doing now?   Wicca Phase: The Internet! There’s a producer named Nedarb, he linked everyone I work with up with shows in different places, mainly in California. I was active on a more »

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Thot Patrol

Watch Flowrunner’s Hilarious NSFW Video, “Thot Patrol”

Newly-formed EDM/Hip-Hop duo Flowrunner. Looking to make a big splash into 2018 with the release of their brand new sexually-driven comedy influence video, “Thot Patrol”. Directed and also produced by Michael Chung and Bronson Diallo.The duo is lock and loaded with a pair of Dildo-silenced machine guns. Portraying Bad Boys Police Officers in search of the This-This Town’s undercover Thot Ring. In hot pursuit, the pair breaks up the ho train and are awarded by the Mayor with decorated honors. Action-packed white sustains shootout scene and sexually influenced laughter, this is the perfect jump on point for any new fan more »

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