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Watch Jazmin Akea’s New Video, “Frustration”

Inspired by legendary recording artists Alicia Keys and Black Eyed Peas. Los Angeles singer Jazmin Akea dives deep into the soul of a broken heart on her new video, titled, “Frustration”. The rising star is in turmoil after steadily going back and forth with the love of her life and at the fork in the road on rather to continue on or part their separate ways. Produced by Premo D’Anger, directed by S. Mielz. Jazmin indulges in her sexuality with appealing poses, beautiful vocals, and more. Preparing for a breakout 2019, Jazmin Akea is quickly becoming an artist-to-watch coming out more »

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Watch The Shine’s “Make You Cry” Video

The Shine released their debut album earlier this year and it has taken them to Arizona, garnered fans from all over the country and is building a relationship with listeners just in time for their upcoming release Call Augie, a four track EP, with wild energy that’s similar to sounds from The Pixies and soulful singing of Nirvana. This band is definitely one to watch out for. Watch “Make You Cry” below.

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Deeno The God – “Dangerous”

Georgia-bred artist, Deeno the God has officially released another hard-hitting track to put him on the map, “DANGEROUS”. The single is available today via EMBEDDED RECORDS. Club ready and relatable, the track tells an overarching tale of a good girl going bad after being done wrong, vowing to be “dangerous.” Sensuous production allows Deeno the God to finesse the track with clever songwriting and vocals guaranteed to make him stand out in a world full of copycats and imposters. Stream “Dangerous” below.

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Watch DeeDay & Wiz Khalifa “Hide Out” Video

New Orleans finest DeeDay is one of the most consistent artist to come out of the N.O. in the past 10 years. He has held his own with some of the best rappers in the game right now. DeeDay has linked up with Wiz Khalifa to give us his new smash single called ‘Hide Out.” This record was produced by PoundGotIt and its already number 2 on one of Tidal’s premiere music playlist. Watch “Hide Out” below.

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Camp Flog Gnaw 2018: One Week Later

Watching the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival climb from low-key music showcase to A-list festival can be tear-jerking. After all, Tyler, the Creator reminded the hordes of attendees at this year’s festival of his underdog tale during his set. “They told me I couldn’t throw a block party for the OF store on Fairfax” he said. “It started with an idea…” The maturation of Tyler, the Creator is an odyssey manifested through his five-album discography that has pulled in and inspired a generation of hip-hop fans for nearly a decade. Where would the Brockhamptons, the Kevin Abstracts, Lil’ Yachtys, and Lil’ more »

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Carl Thornton – “I Depend On Me”

“I Depend On Me”, the single’s title, provides a melodic drive paired with an irresistible beat — resulting in an electrifying tune. The pulsating beat tempts listeners to dance — and to do so with unabashed joy. “Dance music has always spoken to my soul and whenever I listen to it,” Thornton says, “my spirit automatically comes alive. It has a way of making me feel empowered, joyous, and with a complete zest for life.” Thornton was born in North Carolina, but at just three years old, his parents moved to Long Island, New York, which is where young Carl more »

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