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Lyrical Lexx – “I Cannot”

Today Texas rapper Lyrical Lexx delivers his new single, “I Cannot.” The single is a somber reminder that he can’t let people bring him down on his rise to the top. “I Cannot” follows in a musical lane similar to other emo-rappers that have battled through personal struggles and have a resilient message for fans. “I always listened to music as a kid, and I always used music to help me cope and deal with what I was going through,” Lyrical Lexx said. “For me I do music based on how I’m feeling. If I’m feeling a certain type way more »

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New York’s Gromo Nabs Hush For “Find Me (Marco Polo)

New York’s Gromo and Hush continue their hit-making wave with the release of their new release, titled, “Find Me (Marco Polo)”. On the latest collaboration, the two execute a familiar formula of catchy mid-tempo rhyme over trendy sing-a-long vocals. “Find Me” tells the story of young, fly, and flashy star living the lavish life of blowing money fast and poppin’ bottle nights. Words of encouragement, motivation, and positivity make the track another radio-friendly hit by the up-and-coming star. This third collaboration follow-up the two’s previous hits, “R.I.P.” and “Hurry”. Gromo is an undeniable talent who has a unique sound and more »

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Xay Capisce – Do It Again (@XayCapisce)

Xay Capisce has been back in the studio since his On God 2 project dropped in March, and has been spending an equal amount of time in front of the camera to create new visuals. This week the Alabama native debuts the video for “Do It Again” from On God 2, directed by Karltin Bankz. “The song speaks on how easy it is to do some of the things that we do so well, again,” Xay told Bossip for the video’s premiere. “In my situation, I’m speaking on transitioning, and relieving myself of some of those habits that bring pain more »

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DJ Paul Ft. Beanie Sigel – Real Money (@DJPaulKOM)

With love for Three 6 Mafia’s classic sound at an all-time high in popular music, DJ Paul is delivering his new solo project with fresh energy, still embracing what made him one of the most sought after producers of all time. Power, Pleasure & Painful Things is some of his most personally fulfilling work to date, with appearances from Beanie Sigel, Yelawolf, WifisFuneral, Rob Vicious, and his real life nephews Seed of 6ix. The official visual for “Real Money” featuring Beanie Sigel premiered today, and fans can download or stream the project here: https://onerpm.lnk.to/PPPThings. In addition to the album, Paul more »

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Jayzon – “Bestie”

Today West Coast rapper JAYZON returns with his new music video for the song, “Bestie.” In just a few short months the song has already earned over 180k plays on Spotify alone, solidifying the West Coast rapper’s spot on the LA scene. JAYZON penned track based on personal experiences, placing himself between two females in a drama filled love triangle. “Bestie is my first real single and I’m putting a real push behind it. So far it’s been doing pretty good, and it’s about a guy that’s in love with his girl’s best friend. It’s the typical story that people more »

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Bolo3k – “Trappin Memories”

Putting his whole North Philly hood on his back, Bolo3K launches his new music video for the song, “Trappin Memories.”Picking up a microphone just 8 months ago, Bolo3K has been working at a furious pace having shot more than 15 music videos for his songs since he began rapping less than a year ago.  “Basically I started like 8 months ago, I went to the studio and started doing songs. I wanted to do videos for them so I found a camera man and I put everything together myself.   Ever since then I got about 15 visuals in 8 months. I just been working and more »

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