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The Riddim Chronicles: Al Ross

Alexander Al Ross, a funny guy with a rave queen side just played a set of banging dubs alongside his friends Uber, Sudden Death, and Yakz in Huntington Beach, CA and we caught up with him after to get the low down on the old/new hype called Riddim. If you haven’t heard the newest trigger word in the electronic music scene, it may be time to get out and get some sunlight. Al Ross has been pushing this underground wave of bass that gets mosh pits going and makes stank faces come out for some time now. With releases on more »

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Free Download: Matroda x Travis Scott – Goosebumps (VIP Edit)

Honestly, I’ve been getting a little sick of hearing Travis Scott’s smash hit in every other mix I’ve listened to in the past month. Bass house aficionado ‘Matroda‘ changed that with the VIP he released this week. Implementing a perfect blend of G House and Bass House, The producer gives the original track a healthy portion of reverb and added percussion to get the rhythm going.  The artist makes it know that the expertly crafted plucks of the drop and tight drums are the definition of his secret sauce. Stream The Track Here: Follow MATRODA on social media Facebook  | more »

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Spotify For Artists Just Got A Huge Upgrade

Today is a big step in the movement forward for Spotify. If you weren’t already aware in the past, Spotify required 250 followers to get an artist verified. This made it very difficult for artists to start using the platform to it’s fullest extent as you couldn’t access your profile without being verified. The new update from Spotify allows any artists to submit their profiles for review to get verified. Click here (https://artists.spotify.com) for more info

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Nerdology – Pretty Fly For A White Samurai (TSAU004)

Imagine for a moment if you will, that Dutch violinist and conductor Andre Rieu was a selectable character in Mortal Kombat. Seems a bit far fetched but Donald Trump is now President of the United States and Pitbull is still making sales, so anything is possible. Now, if Andre Rieu were to go toe to toe with robot cyborg Cyax, you could probably drop “Pretty Fly For A White Samurai” by Nerdology as the theme song and be pretty confident that Shang Tsung would let you keep your spine based on track selection alone. It’s a fitting song for a more »

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Insomniac Announces Over 30 Additional Artists and 15 New Shows for EDC Week

Insomniac has unveiled the second phase of EDC Week events taking over the premier venues in Las Vegas from June 12-19, culminating with the 21st annual Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas. Over 30 artists and 15 incredible shows have been added to the weeklong schedule of pool parties, nightclub events, concerts and more. Passes to each EDC Week event can be purchased here. Insomniac’s dedicated genre brands will host their signature and debut parties, including the eclectic Audiotistic, the hardstyle focused Basscon, the dubstep and bass driven Bassrush, the first dedicated trance brand in the U.S., Dreamstate, and more »

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Tombz & Metacentric’s “Rituals” Is The Dirtiest Track I’ve Heard This Week

dirty (n.) a:  not clean or pure dirty clothes dirty fingernails b:  likely to befoul or defile with a soiling substance (as mud, dust, or grime) dirty jobs c:  contaminated with infecting organisms dirty wounds d:  containing impurities dirty coal e: Tombz and Metacentric – Rituals (Original Mix) –Merriam-Webster Dictionary Okay, you caught me. I added the last part. But I’m convinced that its only because Merriam Webster hasn’t quite heard the absolute HEATER that Milwaukee’s Tombz and Brazil’s Metacentric just released. Complete with creepy vocal samples, atonal synth lines, and pounding sub bass, this after hours approved track is 100% guaranteed more »

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