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Nitti Gritti & Part Native Team Up With Harvey J aka Chef Henny

What more can you ask for than the collaborative efforts of 4 talented and unique individuals? Yung Nitti Gritti and Part Native have partnered with the man in the robe, Harvey J aka Chef Henny, for a new Hybrid Trap/Dubstep banger entitled “Snappin’ and Trappin'”. The track comes paired with a music video that shows the true essence of character for these 4 musicians but this also comes across in the tune. The track itself goes from w a v e y to filthy with bits of leanin’ back as we get all sorts of different vibes. “Snappin’ and Trappin” more »

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Beyond Wonderland 2017

When night falls in Wonderland the beautiful landscape flourishes into a world of electronic bliss for you and your friends to roam and explore. You never know who you’ll meet at an event like this, you may very well have the opportunity to greet the Queen and Royal court your self. Let your imagination run wild, and experience the long awaited treasures Beyond Wonderland has to offer. Insomniac Events™ always provides us an eclectic line up ranging from House, Trance, Drum & Bass, to Dubstep and electro. You can expect some of the biggest names in dance music like “Illenium, Markus Schulz, Ookay, more »

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A Personal Article Reviewing My Past and Current Outlooks on The Electronic Music Industry

Introduction  I am not an electronic music expert, nor will I ever claim to be one. I have come across many, many other individuals since being involved in this scene who know much more than I do. A lot of them didn’t have to take over a year off to get their lives together either. They’ve been crushing it every day since the moment they said “This is what I want to do for the rest of my life: write articles, produce music, sing on tracks, produce an album, manage this duo, tour the world, let my voice be heard” more »

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Nitti Gritti and Holly Team Up on “Milky”

Two of bass music’s most prominent up and coming artists have put their heads together to bring a hybrid banger with some moobahton flavors sprinkled on top. “Milky” from Nitti Gritti and Holly is the newest tune to smash soundcloud pages everywhere. With Yung Nitti’s high energy tracks and Holly’s immersive style combining, it’s no wonder this song is flame. “Milky” takes off with a chunky beat paired with plucky vocal chops and interesting percussion. A cheeky arp creates tension as the word “chocolate” fizzes through the buildup. We climb the bass mountain to arrive at the almighty drop which more »

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BIZZAR Hypnotizes with “False Pretenses”

Having recently been introduced to BIZZAR and his music, I’m quickly becoming a huge fan. With the emotions my existence went through after hearing “Castle”, I was ecstatic upon seeing a fresh upload on BIZZAR’s page. The track “False Pretenses” falls in line with the style BIZZAR is trying to push; forward-thinking, post-edm with R&B vibes and downtempo flavors. The track begins with a trickle of water creating the energy and a plucky melody setting the mood. Moans from a soft voice fizzle through the foreground as the oncoming beat slowly rises up. We are greeted by a chill beat, more »

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Party Favor Brings Signature Sound With “WAWA”

Back with his first original release since dropping the 2016 #2 iTunes Dance charting ‘Party & Destroy’ EP, Party Favor presents new single, “WAWA.” The producer’s familiar mix of festival trap and bass is evident throughout the track’s explosive roars and wobbles, giving you three minutes of non-stop energy. The music video for WAWA is entertaining to say the least; centered around an underground puppy ring, the video pokes fun at illegal fight clubs which accompanies the music appropriately applying a high energy theme and comedic motif. It’s not out til Monday though so you’ll have to wait! Party Favor more »

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