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Sarah Anne Flansburg Drops New Song, “Let Me Dance For Ya”

Heading into the Fall, rising Pop recording artist, Sarah Anne Flansburg releases a new dance single, “Let Me Dance For Ya”. An incredibly fun song for the music lover in you. The new song showcases the Los Angeles-native amazing artistry and vast vocal range. The Perfect single ladies to get ready to hit the town with. The new track was inspired by Sarah’s many girl’s night adventures. “Let Me Dance For Ya” is a great addition to any playlist. Sarah has been building a great rapport over 2018 and preparing for a huge 2019. Enjoy “Let Me Dance For Ya”? more »

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Watch: John Jigg$ Releases New EP “Teflon John” & Official “Brick” Video

John Jigg$ announces the release of his highly anticipated “Teflon John” EP courtesy of Tuff Kong Records. The Ep, produced by CUNS, is available for digital streaming as well as purchase of vinyl and cd. Jigg$ links up with some of today’s heavy hitters in the game including Benny The Butcher, PF Cuttin, Daniel Son, and Crimeapple. Listeners can expect a classic New York Hip Hop vibe with an avalanche of punchlines wiping out the competition. Jigg$ refers to himself as half man-half animal, homicidal with the quotes! Stream “Teflon John” below.

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Fly Ty of Rockboy Records – “Oasis”

President of Rockboy Records and partner to legendary Producer D/R Period, FLY TY, releases his latest single “Oasis”. The single which is available on digital streaming platforms features 1st lady of Rockboy Records, Ms Shica. The Brooklyn native, known for his brash delivery of street lyrics, reveals a different side to listeners. “Oasis” touches on the realness of suicide and personal demons that break down self-worth. Ty is eager to share his story with fans and listeners to help spread awareness. He brings in label mate Ms Shica to execute a soul-grabbing, lasting impression. This is Ty’s story told by more »

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Watch Faneto New Video, “Handlin Bizness”

Manny Valle, better known by his street name Faneto, is an independent rapper and song-writer from Delaware. He was raised in Wilmington on 4th street and considers the Ruth Bennett projects in Chester as a second home having resided and experienced most of his dealings between these 2 cities. Faneto digs deep into the process of crafting his brand new single “Handling Bizness”. Absolutely, short and sweet and repetition is always better, simpler in hip hop. Now when it comes to other genres of music, it varies. Those other genres of music aren’t as evolving as hip hop has been. more »

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Watch Sceyentifik & Zavion New Video, “Roll Out”

Ohio activist/recording artist Sceyentifik has developed a movement with his message of righteous and influencing change content. In-support of his new album, Sceyentifik unveils the first video of the project for the single, “Roll Out”. Directed by Lex Dawson, Sceyentifik and Zavion preach a message of social injustice, adversity, and more as they narrate several various life situations surrounded by religion, politics, and the streets. Simple, “Roll Out” is a must-hear that can inspire change on many levels. A convincing first prelude to the album, Sceyentifik is perfect for the current status quo. “Roll Out” is off of Sceyentifik’s first more »

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Kentucky’s Creeze Drops “How It Go” Video

Currently campaigning his nominations at this year’s Kentucky Urban Entertainment Awards. Louisville-own Creeze unveils the official music video for his award-nominated single, “How It Go”. Produced by LA Griff and Grammy Award-winning producer Luney Tunez. “How It Go” takes Creeze out to the West Coast for a beneficial business trip. Shopping sprees, lavish parties, and logging in hours of studio time. “How It Go” is a must-see by the fast-rising newcomer. Breif backstory on Creeze. The West End of Louisville, KY is a place where there’s not many opportunities and crime is high and the crime rate has steadily increased, more »

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