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DK Drops Great R&B Song, “Not Them”

Hailing from Charlotte, up-and-coming songstress DK is quickly becoming a fresh new star with her new hit, “Not Them”. Made with a 90s vibe, produced by Tim Walls, listeners will feel the R&B early 90’s vibe putting you mind of Jade or Jody Watley. DK herself looks up to TLC, Toni Braxton and Aaliyah, which is apparent in her sound. “Not Them” is slated to appear on DK’s forthcoming project, Cha-Me-Le-On. Available on No Rules Entertainment, DK’s next album is slated for an early 2020 release. Follow DK on social media today via Instagram and Twitter. And for more music more »

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Keithian Drops Return in “Pillow Talk”

Sharing yourself with someone over pillow talk is an intimate and unique moment, one that comes during the quiet times of a night where your guard is down and your heart is open. Keithian’s soulful vocals and rhythm and blues melodies depict the story of being deceived by someone you’ve almost fallen for. It’s a relatable tale of opening your heart to someone, only to realize it was all a lie. “Maybe I was lying to myself. Maybe I wasn’t falling for her; maybe I was falling for my own hopeless romantic desires.” – Keithian “Pillow Talk” narrates the longing more »

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Detroit’s Coach Joey Drops All-Star Mixtape, ‘Ghetto Friends With Money’

Detroit-based rapper Coach Joey releases star-studded mixtape called Ghetto Friends with Money. The project is a joint collection with currently incarcerated rapper Peezy. Telling the story of trafficking from state-to-state with in-your-face street raps and catchy hood anthems. Executive produced by Joseph McFashion, the project’s production includes EJ Beats, Reuel Ethan, 808 JackBoyz, Jose The Plug, Rocaine, ClickKlack, Lee Choppn, and Drum Dummie. The 11-track collective features guest appearances by 42 Dugg, IceWear Vezzo, AllStar JR, Veeze, Baby Money, BabyFace Ray, Talibando, and Rio Da Yung OG. Ghetto Friends with Money is available now by 4746 Global.

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Phocust Delivers Fiery New EP, ‘Space Wonk’

Shared the stage with the biggest names in Dance as an understudy, uprising recording artist Phocust is ready to align his name alongside the greats with a legacy of his own, starting with the release of his new EP, Space Wonk. A quick sound bite, the EP includes a duo of tracks filled with electrifying production and magnetic vocals. Phocust samples a galactic-tinged theme while maxing out on drop intensity and overall power. The theme of the EP is uniquely expanded on within “Space Wonk” as the instrumental is the centerpiece. “Mind Reader,” closes with Nasty Purple’s vocal adding a more »

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Sammi Rae & Los Vegas Are Back with “Baby Baila”

Available via D Music, fast-rising singer Sammi Rae has been getting heavy praise from audiences nationwide for her strong and soulful voice. Concurrently, newly discovered Hip Hop act Los Vegas has been turning heads with his enigmatic persona on stage and the magnetic vibe to his flow. Together they form a dynamic duo to be reckoned with.Their newest song “Baby Baila” urges the listener to get up and dance – which is exactly what this bouncy, sexy track does; it’s impossible not to at least tap along to the beat as the sultry vocals of Sammi Rae seduce you into a world of endless more »

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Phraktal Talks New Single, The Digital Age, & 2020

Phraktal has delivered a deadly, modern re-creation of Orbital’s 1990 hit “Chime”. The Ireland-bred production team will be touring material from both albums in 2020 in some unique live settings to be announced. Before they hit the road, we got the chance to sit down with the rising stars to discuss what the future has in store from both them and us. Read the complete interview here. Who were your main house influences before starting Phraktal?Our main house influences would be producers like Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Paul Woolford, Murk, Charles Webster and David Morales / Redzone & more »

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