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Beautiful Bathsheba Adams is “Blessed”

The name of the new single is called “Blessed” and its a banger for real. Bathsheba Adams really shows her talent on the record and its nothing short of amazing. Click the link below to stream the new single “Blessed” right now on Spotify. Stream “Blessed” below.

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Watch The Famm New Video, “I Got A Feeling”

The FAMM (Forever About Making Music) is one of the dopiest groups to come out of Colorado Springs, CO. The bars that come from these guys are nothing short of amazing. The Famm just released their 5th EP of the year which is called “Show’M.” The group plans on dropping an EP every month for the rest of the year totaling 12 EPs in 2018. Watch “I Got A Feeling” below.

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Stream Dr Maleek New ‘Redemption’ (EP)

Long Beach, California Native Dr Maleek started making music in 2016 with his first single “Don’t say nothin” ft Tory Lanez and The Game, Ever since then Dr Maleek has went on to release a plethora of singles and EP’s that have amassed over 8 million streams through Apple Music, Spotify, and more. Dr Maleek has worked with the likes of Tory Lanez, The Game, Eric bellinger, 24hrs, and more. His last project complications peaked at number 16 on the r&b charts on iTunes. Latest single “Juicy” featuring 24hrs peaked at #54 on the hip hop charts. Dr Maleek has more »

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Stream Xander Austin Debut Xan’s Vendetta (EP)

Who is Xander Austin? The 22-year-old is a up-and-coming recording artist out of Omaha, Nebraska. Known for a slick play-on-words and intense story-telling, Xander is ready to step out of the Hayseeds and show the world that the North got something to say too with the release of his debut EP, properly-titled, ‘Xan’s Vendetta’. An 8-track debut, ‘Xan’s Vendetta’ is a revealing introduction that tells of Xander’s upbringing through a series of stories. The project exhibits tremendous promise and sets up the newcomer among the new pack of buzzworthy artists making a big splash this Fall. Stream Xander Austin’s Debut more »

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ASTARRBOY and Guap Tarantino don’t play around.

ASTARRBOY has just dropped “WHY?” featuring Guap Tarantino and this track is a pure ace. That feeling you get when you hear a perfect song that just has it all there, that’s what comes through when hearing this absolute heat. When hearing this tune, you know these guys are the new MVPs. What makes this collaboration so special is how new both of these artists are. The beat is A tier with that deep plug beat feel, but ASTARRBOY and Guap cover it in a way almost reminiscent of 88Glam and Gunna, all their own at the same time, not more »

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