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Nitti Gritti & Part Native Team Up With Harvey J aka Chef Henny

What more can you ask for than the collaborative efforts of 4 talented and unique individuals? Yung Nitti Gritti and Part Native have partnered with the man in the robe, Harvey J aka Chef Henny, for a new Hybrid Trap/Dubstep banger entitled “Snappin’ and Trappin'”. The track comes paired with a music video that shows the true essence of character for these 4 musicians but this also comes across in the tune. The track itself goes from w a v e y to filthy with bits of leanin’ back as we get all sorts of different vibes. “Snappin’ and Trappin” more »

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Hairitage – Overthrown [Free Download]

Nothing beats fresh tunes and a promising artist when you love music. The third release on TrapStyle Records, entitled “They’re Overthrown”, is a far out and funky dubstep track from young gun Hairitage. The up and coming, genreless producer has had releases on Ultra Records, Cr2 Records and others so we had to snag “They’re Overthrown”. The track begins with an old school film projector sample and a vocal from what seems like a 1950’s infomercial. We’re enticed with a smooth organ melody and some reggae style guitar plucks to tease our ear drums. The beat is fun and full more »

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SRNO - Stay Sane

SRNO – Stay Sane ft. Naaz [Majestic Casual]

Sometimes my inbox is blessed with music that strays from the typical electronic bangers and I couldn’t be more excited to bring you exactly that. Today’s run is featuring a smooth serenate by the name of “Stay Sane” from UK based producer SRNO with the serene touch of vocalist Naaz whom you might remember from Yellowclaw’s “Catch Me”. Stay Sane reminds me of an authentic R&B ballad that exudes a calm yet feels inducing demeanor. It’s a smooth concoction of modern day beats meeting an old school vibe that proves a beautiful progression in electronic music is here to stay. I tip my hat you more »

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Slander & Yookie Unleash Ruthless Collaboration

SLANDER & YOOKIE collide once again to gift us this deranged trap tune. Adding the talents of vocalist Jinzo, the dark and massive atmosphere this track combines gives us all the elements needed for a ‘banger’. At least that’s what the kids are calling it these days. It does not have to be said, this is one of the most wild collaborations we’ve heard this year.  The drop is just waiting to smash speakers near you! The tune is out now on Never Say Die. Stream The Track Here: Catch SLANDER at a show near you! Nov 10: Canopy Club – more »

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Mayhem Talks Music and New UZ Collab

Anthony Rotella aka Mayhem has been producing for the better part of 15 years, touching base with all kinds of musicians and genres. Mayhem has been a fundamental player in the bass scene for quite some time now, always teetering between becoming the next big bass star or lurking in the shadows running the underground trap scene. His newest collab with the masked trap lord UZ is making noise as it sweeps through the ranks of artists so we dug into his new tune and hit him up to talk music. His interesting new tune “Amazon” with fellow esteemed trap more »

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Max Styler, Devault and Luciana – Gold

Strap your seat belts on for this one, it’s going to get W A V Y. Future Bass is a genre that takes the listener from the very depths of uncertainty to the highest of highs with passion and emotion. Max Styler teamed up with Devault and Luciana to lay down a moving and vibrant work of art that I’m happy to share with you today. “Gold” starts off with a few layers of echoing vocal chops and a creeping bassline to set the mood. Luciana’s heavenly voice swirls around us telling us to let go and beckons us to more »

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