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Watch Jazmin Akea’s New Video, “Frustration”

Inspired by legendary recording artists Alicia Keys and Black Eyed Peas. Los Angeles singer Jazmin Akea dives deep into the soul of a broken heart on her new video, titled, “Frustration”. The rising star is in turmoil after steadily going back and forth with the love of her life and at the fork in the road on rather to continue on or part their separate ways. Produced by Premo D’Anger, directed by S. Mielz. Jazmin indulges in her sexuality with appealing poses, beautiful vocals, and more. Preparing for a breakout 2019, Jazmin Akea is quickly becoming an artist-to-watch coming out more »

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Grand Groove Unlimited Records Releases New Album “Grand Groove Unleashed”

The album is a timeless and innovative collective that fans of all genres can revel in. Listening to the album will transcend listeners onto a journey beginning with the euphoric sounds of the 70’s, composed jazz and funk mixtures, classic Hip Hop and R&B, and culminating through today’s modern animated sounds and beats. “Get’ Em”, the paramount single off the album by Boogie Black and Jeff Redd, defines how electrifying music can be. This single will metamorphose anything into a dance floor and all bodies into move and groove mode. Boogie Black delivers another cut a rug record, “New York more »

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Laxcity and Lani Rose’s “Changing” is a Musical Metamorphosis

Parachuting into Spotify playlists and dropping hit remix after another, artist Laxcity is sending shockwaves throughout the industry. So far this year, the Zambia-born beatsmith has snowballed an impressive slate of singles that have garnered a salary-figure of plays on Spotify as well as Soundcloud. And Lax brings forth that amalgamation of sonically lavish ambience and multi-dimensioned soundscapes to his latest single “Changing” with budding singer Lani Rose. With subtle foley percs and drums, “Changing” is a metamorphosis that suspends the listener in its gravity. The hypnotic ambience and infectious vocals create an atmosphere for listeners to soak their ears more »

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Notifi Returns with Heartfelt “Won’t Get Lonely”

Toronto recording artist Notifi is quickly becoming a breakout star of 2018. It’s visible in the release of this new single, “Won’t Get Lonely”. Produced by Pro Logic and K-Notes, Notifi expresses his frustration with a recent breakup and assures that he will not allow the negativity destroy him as he finds another fish in the sea. “Won’t Get Lonely” is the second single release, following his debut, “Dramamine”. Notifi prides himself on the his range, versatilities, and unique sound with the release of different types of singles. “Dramamine” and “Won’t Get Lonely” are polar opposites but are equally as more »

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Specialist Musik Drops, ‘Drive’ (EP)

A follow up to Road to Glory 2, which was dropped in January and contained the single Weeknight. ​The Specialist Musik uses Drive to explain what fuels his ambition to keep moving forward, while avoiding the pitfalls of distractions.​

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Ms Schica Drops “Boss Lady”

“Boss Lady” depicts Ms Shica’s lyrical rap skills and songstress vocals. The single sets the tone for her classy yet not about the games vibe. A strong and confident artist, she is a boss in her own right who is reigning rank status along-side some heavy hitters in the industry. Legendary Producer D/R Period and Rockboy Records present new music from the first lady of Rockboy Records, Ms Schica. The single “Boss Lady” is also produced by D/R and available now on all digital streaming platforms. Hear “Boss Lady” below.

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