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Beautiful Bathsheba Adams is “Blessed”

The name of the new single is called “Blessed” and its a banger for real. Bathsheba Adams really shows her talent on the record and its nothing short of amazing. Click the link below to stream the new single “Blessed” right now on Spotify. Stream “Blessed” below.

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Ralph Reign Drops Interstellar New Video, “Purple”

Ralph Reign is an up-and-coming recording artist known for his conscious wordplay and potent energy. Emerging throughout 2018, Ralph Reign surprises newfound fanbase with great music like his latest video, “Purple”. On “Purple”, Ralph Reign has been on a quest to be surprised by what he may stumble upon musically. “Purple” is no exception. It’s the smooth yet complex combination of the How and What’s being said that makes this a classic not to be forgotten. Watch “Purple” below.

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John Jigg$ x N.B.S x DJ Supa Dave Drops “Barz Ova BS”

Long Island’s own John Jigg$ and Cambridge, Massachusetts N.B.S link up for a new Hip Hop anthem. “Bars Ova BS.” produced by DJ Supa Dave is available for digital streaming and purchase. Jigg$ wastes no time dusting off stagnant industry lames. He’s back from his European tour with an overlooked to overbooked attitude. “And I do it for the culture, fire from the gut yea something like an ulcer.” The reputed emcee rhymes over soulful boom bap beats that bestows anthem status. Although his ammo is locked and loaded “Strangle you lames for entertainment, carving up your melon like an more »

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Hear Ricky Havana ‘Moments’ Project

South Bronx dweller, Ricky Havana, is the son of a political refugee and prisoner of the Castro regime. Raised by his single father, Ricky’s music unpacks masculinity among poverty and oppression. In spite of this, the lyricist maintains the gusto of a real New York native. Ricky Havana delivers his most recent offering, titled, Moments, which is the follow up to his debut project, Ricky Season. On the 6-track EP, he shares personal times and topics on his uneasy relationship with his father, as well as his terminally ill mother’s struggle with drug addiction and the effect it had on more »

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Watch Shade Valintino New “Beautiful Bad” Video

New York recording artist Shade Valintino unveils his new video, “Beautiful Bad”. Known for his personality, charm, and lyricism, Shade delivers a new visual with a positive message all will enjoy. Shade turns the new video into a campaign. “Beautiful Bad” focus on inspiring women of all nationalities, shapes, and sizes to embrace themselves, including all of their flaws and scars as beautiful. Empowering, intriguing, and creative, Shade Valintino is emerging to become one of New York’s hottest new talents. “Beautiful Bad” follows up Shade Valintino’s previous release, “I Got It”, another sneak peek of what fans can expect on more »

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Volume 4 Shine on New Song, “Mood”

New group Volume 4 has been on a roll lately with great new music like “Body Work” and “Catch A Vibe”. Continuing to soar, the beautiful new foursome release their next big song, titled, “Mood”. “Mood” is a sleek, catchy, and outstanding new single for the buzzworthy group as they describe the current trailblazing vibe. Continuing to raise the bar and prove once again, they got next and they got this. A video for the new single is also on the away as announced by the group upon the release of the new song. After listening to “Modd”, we realize more »

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