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Paperwings and BLSZRD Form Hybrid Bass Remix Of Miguel’s “Sky Walker”

Paperwings last release has been their biggest yet, topping over 176K plays on SoundCloud, proving itself certain organic acceptance within the dance music scene. The duo have fused their talent with fast-rising BLSZRD, a dude who has won A-grade remix competitions and gained the support of Jauz and others. Fast forward to 2018, the two acts have transformed Miguels “Sky Walker,” into a walk in the clouds. Unique twists on future bass and squeaky clean production value as the centerpiece works nicely as the two combined the best of both within this remix.

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Aywy and Rvdical the Kid drop Bollywood-flavored banger “Hide & Seek”

Veteran trap producers, Aywy and Rvdical the Kid, have returned to release the Hindi-flavored banger, “Hide&Seek.” Borrowing influence from Eastern sounds, the duo perfectly fuses Bollywood samples with Western Trap rhythms to create an explosive track that feels fresh and memorable. Sonically, the crisp snare fills that cut through the mix add character and grit. At the heart of the track are the beefy and colorful 808s that punch through the song’s layers and tie the track together. As a nice little touch, Timbaland’s acapella from “Are You That Somebody” are chopped and sprinkled throughout the project to provide a more »

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Austria’s Ninski Infuses Electronic with Hip Hop on “Stars”

Austrian dance producer Ninski is making waves with his consecutively epic singles. His last song with Australia’s pop diva Luna May did him some justice by landing on Trap Nation’s youtube channel and now he’s back with another beacon of a release titled “Stars” out now via Tipsy Records.  The instrumentalist did a splendid job infusing Lanz’s hip hop vocal performance with his electronic style. Adding just a hint of familiar trap and bass elements to top it off, Ninski is one promising artist to keep an eye on for the future. Grab the song for a limited time only free download: https://goo.gl/3qyYH7

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INSTRUM returns with anticipated single “You And I”

Following his well received previous release via Tipsy Records, the American producer INSTRUM, makes his return with a highly anticipated single “You And I,” featuring Ashley Wasser. Known for his millions of streams on Soundcloud, he aims to expand his audience to new platforms. The dance pop sound comes naturally for INSTRUM as he continues to make meaningful experiences for his listeners.  Strong layered plucks lead the way as Ashley’s gorgeous top line performance takes root. Her voice and lyrics are the perfect guide as we journey through the easy-going tones and tropical house elements. INSTRUM’s combination of a calm intro and addictive production more »

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Cuban Doll Drops New Rap Hit, “Bankroll”

If you haven’t heard of Cuban Doll, you better start listening to her music because she’s next up. Hip-hop is changing right in front of us. The rise of Cardi B has given female rappers a legitimate platform in Hip-hop and Cuban Doll is taking the stage. At only 19 years old, Cuban Doll has amassed a huge social media following and fans are going crazy over her new song “Bankrupt.” The rap banger is trending on Soundcloud with over 1 million views. It’s no surprise this song went viral. Cuban Doll’s incredible flow has a cadence similar to Tee more »

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Chris Birdd Emphasizes the Grind of a Starving Artist in “Level Up”

With a sea of tunes awaiting listeners’ ears on Soundcloud, it is rewarding to find a track that we can call a “gem.” Channeling a hybrid of RnB and Trap, Chris Birdd’s “Level Up” bridges these two soundscapes to create a dynamic and fluid narrative that focuses on the payoffs of hard work and the importance of “investing in oneself.” The song’s triplet bars and melodic refrains are backed by bells and trap drums that feed the song’s emotional pulse. The song’s lyrics champion the grind of a starving artist who is willing to go “broke” for their craft and more »

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