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Amaar & Siege – “Rolling”

Rolling is the second music video and single from Bay Area raised, Phoenix based brothers Amaar and Siege. Their album “8.19”, just released Friday on Sept. 27th which peaked at #12 on iTunes top Rap/HipHop pre-orders Chart. Rolling features an infectious hook, energetic production, and Amaar and Siege’s inspirational story of coming from nothing and finding success.

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“Da Big Views” Is The Next Big Thing

Around the region of Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia, Fatz Da Big Fella and Tony Redz have been making waves with their new series titled “Da Big Views.” Filled with clever satire about black issues, highlights on entrepreneurs, discussion about various subjects in Urban culture, and a signature “DMV flair” the two social figures have. For more info on Tony Redz, he can be heard on WPGC 95.5 Monday-Friday 7 PM to 12 PM, is a Howard university Alum, and is a avid supporter of DMV talent. Fatz Da Big Fella is dubbed “Mayor Of D.C.,” does multiple vlogs on more »

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KDTHESINGER made a “splash” debut album “Love Pains” this upcoming Friday, which will be available on all streaming platforms, achieving top five spots in multiple music lists. “Love Pains,” is a cinematic LP entails KDTHESINGERS perspective on his viewpoint on love, social issues in the world, philanthropy, and other hot topics. Being a martyr for connecting Generation Z to all audiences and portraying the generation is positive light, KDTHESINGER curated this project with extra purpose and passion. Composed of 10 tracks, KDTHESINGER aims for “Love Pains” to propel him into a another level of star power and give him a platform more »

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DONTAE’ Gets A “Reality Check” In New Video

On the heels of delivering his surprise EP 4L, Dontaé has returned to offer up a much-needed “Reality Check.” The 808-heavy production finds the Long Island lyricist rattling off a fury of bars as he provides fans, foes and others alike with a few necessary updates regarding his whirlwind year. Under the direction of PHIL, the accompanying visual has all the makings of Hollywood’s next blockbuster: stunning cinematography, a high-speed chase, and Dontaé co-starring alongside his Valley Boyz crew. Dontaé says this of the track and video: “‘Reality Check’ is a culmination of emotions, caused by the evolution of myself more »

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Sacramento’s Yelly Drops “Revenge” Video

Repping Sacramento, California, Yelly is a talented singer-songwriter bubbling outside of her hometown. The 17-year-old singer delivers pleasant vocals about all things tender and touches her audience through her melodic art. Today, Sacramento singer Yelly shares her poignant new single, “Revenge.” Accompanied by snares and synths, Yelly opens up her heart, detailing the confusion and anger she’s left with after a heartbreak. “Revenge” is a follow-up to Yelly’s summer 2019 single, “Concrete,” which has accumulated thousands of views since its release in August. It marks the second promotional single off of her upcoming release, Don’t Drown, which drops on October more »

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North Carolina’s Viic Flair & DaBaby Share New Song “Heartless”

Victor Register aka ViiC FlaiR is from a small town in North Carolina, famous for football, Clinton, NC about an hour away from Raleigh, North Carolina’s capital and second-largest city. When ViiC was born in the struggle, he and his mom lived with his Aunt Doris Ann and then when he was about 3 they moved in with his Uncle Paul in an area called “Da Loop”. Never knowing is dad past the age of 3 his family consists of his mom, his little sister and his little brother. ViiC’s family was full of athletes and hustlers, especially sports however more »

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