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Has Calvin Harris Released The Best Pop Album of 2017?

The most talked about album of 2017 so far has just dropped and it was definitely worth the hype. The fifth and probably most different album from Calvin Harris includes an exciting feature list, funk influence, and nearly 40 mins of memorable tunes. Below I will talk about my favourites from the album, not in any particular order. “Slide” Featuring Frank Ocean & Migos The first single released from the album -and definitely a strong one- is very memorable, fun and energetic. Featuring quite different sides of both Frank Ocean and Migos whilst also giving us the first glimpse of what more »

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Deadmau5 Deletes his Soundcloud

Breaking news from “way too early this morning” – Deadmau5 has decided to close down his soundcloud account. Some (not all) of the tracks will be available on his website, but not all of those will be available for free streaming. It’s a deeply depressing move for those who us soundcloud as a streaming service or for keeping updated on all the artists’ new releases. RIP http://t.co/nJHGjO8yPf … wow, 33 million plays on that… it was a good run! — deadmau5 (@deadmau5) January 11, 2014 While he didn’t state any reason for the shutdown, unquestionably this is a business move more »

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Experiment Reveals: Shitty DJ’s Actually Sell More Drinks!

Armin van Buuren and Heineken team up in Miami, Florida to test the hypothesis that shitty DJ’s actually do more good than harm. They sell more drinks! The Experiment: Two Nights, Same Club, Same Amount of People, Same Observation Time, Only One Difference – The DJ’s Skills The first night of the experiment involved a DJ that purposely train-wrecked, leaped across the BPM range abruptly and it resulted in 1078 drinks served. The second night of the experiment was a DJ who properly guided the audience through a sonic journey and flawlessly mixed through each track. The results? Only 632 more »

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Nardwuar Interviews Diplo About The History of Florida’s Electronic Music & More

Nardwuar interviews Diplo at The Contact Winter Music Festival in Vancouver, BC Canada. Nardwuar was able to catch up with him for an extra long interview at The Contact Winter Music Festival in Vancuver, BC Canada. The interview covers a wide variety of topics and random little facts about Diplo’s long and illustrious career in the music industry. It will have you laughing for more reasons than the always ridiculous Nardwuar and you will even learn tidbits ranging from Bob Marley’s homeless friend to his scheme for selling old records back in the day. Definitely watch the entire thing and more »

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Club Space Offer Mau5 Fans A Free Show At Their Sister Venue, The Ice Palace

Deadmau5 fans will be pleased to hear that their will be a free show for Deadmau5 fans in Miami, the event was a consequence from Deadmau5 being unsatisfied from a previous gig that he had headlined in Miami at Manison Nightclub where ‘trust-fund kids’ were allowed to pay extra for a front row spot while forcing true Mau5 fans to be pigeon-holed in the back of the venue. Club Space saw this as a chance to offer an opportunity for a free show at their legendary venue, Club Space. However, this free event will not be held at the legendary more »

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There aren’t many trap instrumentals out there that are that good, as trap (as in hip hop/rap trap) is mostly about the rapping, but this beat kills.  It certainly has that classic feel to it, as the title suggests. Right off the bat, in comes the 808s, and the smooth riding feel to it. With the guitar and organ and bass, GVME ۞VER really pulled this one together. I just discovered him today, and if you haven’t heard of him before, I would suggest listening to his music. With the combination of chill synths and booming bass, his music is a more »

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