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Gloving is Not a Crime– It is… A Community

Emazing mask

Written by: Jared Rapoza California based startup EmazingLights, founded by Brian Lim, has been on the rise ever since it was created in 2010. EmazingLights is the front runner retail company of many LED rave accessories, and they are best known for their light show gloves that any festival goer is bound to see at least once. ‘Gloving’, has gone viral and become a hobby for many, and even a career for some people with extremely talented hand choreography skills. They recently released a promotion video, titled, “Gloving is Not a Crime – Gloving is” where people passionate about the more »

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EmazingLights launches Glove 4 Glove charity initiative in alliance with The Walk and Roll Foundation to encourage a therapeutic form of dance for disabled festival fans

The Best Entrepreneur on Shark Tank according to Robert Herjavec, Brian Lim has constructed a new charity initiative from the EmazingLights headquarters in Anaheim. In alliance with 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization The Walk and Roll Foundation, EmazingLights is revitalizing dance music for disabled fans by introducing them to the art of LED gloving. Lim calls it:Glove 4 Glove.   As with many of Lim’s curations, this one will send waves throughout the dance music community, spreading the message thatgloving is empowering. By providing disabled children and festival fans with direct access to light up gloves, they discover new ways to express themselves more »

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