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Lightning in a Bottle 2016 – A Transformational Experience

As I approached the sacred Indian land in Bradley, California I couldn’t help but feel the radiant energy emanating from everyone I crossed paths with. I knew something special was about to ensue, within moments of walking up to the media entrance I was greeted by everyone around me. Ironically enough this took me by surprise. I had attended far too many “raves” in 2016, I had forgotten that people were actually nice to each other at these transformational gatherings. Needless to say the festival was pure vibes right off the bat. After acquiring my wristband and making my way more »

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Do LaB’s Woogie Weekend: So Much Room for Activities

The countdown to Woogie Weekend is officially underway, and the Do LaB can’t wait to head back to their favorite location! When you’re packing your party pants and creative costumes, don’t forget your workout wear, swimsuit and a sturdy pair of tennis shoes because now that we’re back at Oak Canyon Park – there is so much room for activities.   Get wet with Bijoulette as they host Woogie Weekend’s whimsical Slip n Slide.  While the dancefloors heat up, kick back and relax in a plush interactive, cool-down space.  Enjoy an immersive performance experience from Southern California’s Bijoulette, who have more »

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Lightning in a Bottle 2015: a Review

If you have ever been to LIB you know this festival is about far more than music. There are just as many yoga master classes as there are headlining sets. Between the three stages, there are countless meditation sessions, environmental and spiritual workshops, more live painters sprinkled throughout than I’ve even seen at a festival… the list goes on. The stages may turn down at 2AM, but the adventure never stops.                   Another truly beautiful aspect about LIB is their “Pack-It-In, Pack-It-Out” and “leave no trace” camping. Instead of having dumpsters and trashcans throughout campgrounds, more »

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