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BIZZAR Hypnotizes with “False Pretenses”

Having recently been introduced to BIZZAR and his music, I’m quickly becoming a huge fan. With the emotions my existence went through after hearing “Castle”, I was ecstatic upon seeing a fresh upload on BIZZAR’s page. The track “False Pretenses” falls in line with the style BIZZAR is trying to push; forward-thinking, post-edm with R&B vibes and downtempo flavors. The track begins with a trickle of water creating the energy and a plucky melody setting the mood. Moans from a soft voice fizzle through the foreground as the oncoming beat slowly rises up. We are greeted by a chill beat, more »

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NiGHTS Has Solidified Themselves with “IRREPLACEABLE”

Wonder, beauty, sadness, longing for. All these elements are brought forth by NiGHTS’ newest release “IRREPLACEABLE”. These boys are slaying what the kids these days call “the feels”. Our journey through sound begins with a shimmer of frequencies. A voice beckons us forward through the mist as a simple snap leads into a chill beat. Echoing ambient noise fades in and out while the minimal kick/snap beat marches forward. After a break to ponder our throughts, snares pan around our head as energy picks up ever so slightly. NiGHTS delivers a chill melody using vocal cuts that move up and more »

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BIZZAR Storms The Musical Castle

When you swim in the grey, oversaturated ocean that is the electronic music scene for so long you come to find that there are fewer and fewer unique producers on the come up. Luckily when I heard BIZZAR’s first ever release I almost ruined my pants with excitement. BIZZAR walked into the gladiator ring with naught but his first release “Castle” and instantly became a new favorite artist of mine. This dude has got some pure, unadulterated, emotional music that pushes the boundaries of sound. The track opens with simple static and a quiet piano melody accompanied by a man more »

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Reimagine Dubstep With Oliverse [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Few producers in my opinion can consistently put out good work while remaining true to their style while providing something fresh. Oliverse has that suace though. His newest release “Imagination” is a battle between good and evil, happy and angry, dark and light. Up for free download on his soundcloud, Ryan Oliphant wanted to give out one last Oliverse track before the end of 2016. We’re thankful that he did because the track actually has two versions, the free one containing the “Need U” vocals that echo through the tune whereas the digital store versions are without. The track itself more »

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