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Strix Releases Monumental EP Through BroTown Records


STR!X Iridium EP Art STR!X is an artist with an arsenal full of raw bangers and heavy metallic stompers, crafted to bring nothing but heat to the dance floor. He has proven time and time again to be capable of packing a punch with each and every release. Based out of the city of angels, this solo producer is absolutely piping hot and ready for a break through with the release of his Iridium EP out on BroTown Records. Packed full of energy, original sound design, and dark vibes, each track on this EP is sculpted for lovers of all things heavy. more »

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CHEE – Speak With Eyes And See In Tongues

Years spent in isolation have caused a flurry of unique bass sounds to emanate from South Africa. Bubbling under the radar of the local mainstream, and a lack of direct influence from Northern Hemisphere tastemakers have resulted in interesting approaches to creating bass heavy dance music. One of the producers at the cutting edge of South Africa’s rapidly solidifying bass scene is CHEE. CHEE has a fresh take on sound design and a refreshing approach to production, with a constant need to push boundaries and limits. It is fitting to say that CHEE is one of the leaders of the more »

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Ray Volpe Goes Stellar With Outerworld

Young Ray Volpe. The kid from North Carolina who can’t stop laying down tracks that permeate through out the dubstep world, resignating with beautiful vocals and destructive noise. With a computer and an obsession with a certain footlong-sandwich-making-company, Ray has been taking the US by storm with his relentless brand of melodic dubstep that features a sharp array of sound design and heavy bass. His latest release “Outerworld” fits perfectly in this category. Our stellar ride through galactic bass begins with a blast of sound, a warping harmonic and Ray Volpe’s own voice singing “I’m not from this world”. An more »

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STR!X – Affliction [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Dubstep has been making a huge rise in popularity since a minor decline a few years ago and due mostly in part to the growing success of fresh and up and coming producers like STR!X. STR!X has attended multiple production schools to hone his skills and with tunes like “Affliction” it shows. This new Riddim banger is raw as fuck and hits like a drunken step dad. Out now for free on the progressive Riddim Network channel, “Affliction” is a cool new take on how to lay down some American bass music. Though it’s only a short 2 minutes, STR!X more »

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Lektrique Talks New Music and Life with Trapstyle

Lektrique has been a consistent name in the music scene for a couple of years from his own productions to helping the hard-hitting Kannibalen Records with Black Tiger Sex Machine. His newest track “Shred” is an electro-destroyer that radiates heavy energy. We wanted to share that track with you and sit down to have a few words with Lektrique himself. “Shred” features Lektrique’s heavy, grinding saws and deep orchestral bellows that he robustly applies. The track opens with a funky, fidgety beat where upon a blasting guitar melts our faces off with long drawn out chords. A quick build delivers more »

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Ray Volpe Takes Dubstep By Storm With “Bermuda”

If you have dabbled in the realm of electronic bass music in the last year, you may have heard of a young, Subway-eating producer named Ray Volpe. If not, let’s introduce you to his music with his latest dubstep anthem “Bermuda”. The last time we visited Ray he had just put out his Bipolar EP which earned him the attention of top-level players in the scene such as party-boy Getter (whom Ray played a few shows with last year). Following that success, “Bermuda” was just released as a free download on Ray’s SoundCloud (yes go cop that shit). The song more »

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Sub Focus – Nobody Knows

After spending so much time in the scene you come to know that when Sub Focus puts out a new tune, it’s going places. Released on Virgin EMI Records underneath Universal Music Operations along side his own personal imprint, “Nobody knows” is Sub Focus’ first proper single release since 2013. The track features a energetic mix of hard hitting drums, crooning vocals, and a shower of bleeps and bloops to assault your ears. From melodic piano keys leading the way to heavy hitting basslines and wonky synths, Sub Focus brought the heat with this one. “Nobody Knows” is the first more »

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