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Camp Flog Gnaw 2018: One Week Later

Watching the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival climb from low-key music showcase to A-list festival can be tear-jerking. After all, Tyler, the Creator reminded the hordes of attendees at this year’s festival of his underdog tale during his set. “They told me I couldn’t throw a block party for the OF store on Fairfax” he said. “It started with an idea…” The maturation of Tyler, the Creator is an odyssey manifested through his five-album discography that has pulled in and inspired a generation of hip-hop fans for nearly a decade. Where would the Brockhamptons, the Kevin Abstracts, Lil’ Yachtys, and Lil’ more »

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Kanye West vs Deadmau5: Twitter war, birthday parties, and “dead-mow-five”

Kanye West vs DeadMau5

Finally, it is Kanye West vs  deadmau5. The two A-rank musicians are getting ready to face each other off on a Twitter war of epic proportions. Kanye tweeted today, asking how to pronounce deadmau5’s name, and then proceeded to slam the electronic music producer. This outburst from Kanye is supposedly a response to deadmau5 calling Kanye out for torrenting music from Pirate Bay. Kanye threw shade at deadmau5, claiming the producer barely contributed to Tidal subscriptions. Kanye proceeded to ask if deadmau5 would play his daughter’s birthday party in a female deadmau5 hat, like Minnie Mouse. As any electronic music fan more »

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Kayne Starts Shit with Wiz Over His New Album Title

Last night, Kanye West changed the name of his forthcoming album from SWISH to WAVE. The change met criticism from fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa—who felt Kanye was not paying proper respect to Max B. Now Kanye has taken to Twitter with a hilarious response. “Bro first of all you stole your whole shit from Cudi,” he tweeted “Second, your first single was corny as fuck” Kanye keeps going with a rant:

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Trapstyle Exclusive: Big Sean & Kanye West – All Your Fault (1DAFUL Remix)

Montreal based duo, 1DAFUL, is back at it with their monstrous remix of Big Sean and Kanye’s All My Fault. The combo of heavy hard-synths, infectious bounce, and playful attitude 1DAFUL is known for make this remix an all purpose summer banger. With complex bass riffs, in your face melodies, and addictive rhythm, this track is pure big party heaven. Get ready to hear it at your next festival. Grab it as a free download!!

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Every so often a #super #rare video gets miraculously pulled from the void and placed on the world wide web. Usually recorded on a VHS camera, the clips—which range from Jay Z’s first televised freestyle to a pre-fame Justin Bieber busking on a Canadian street with a guitar twice his size—serve to remind us we’re growing old, time exists, and real talent prevails from now until forever. Filmed back in 2003, the clip shows a young Kanye performing the original version of “Gold Digger,” a year before his debut record The College Dropout reached shelves. The construct of time is more »

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