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Gorillaz, Chance The Rapper, Kaskade & More To Headline Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful has been rapidly growing as one of the nation’s most diverse festivals. Displaying a consistently great number of acts from all genres and different aspects of art. Creating a massive buzz last year putting out such a stellar lineup consisting of Major Lazer, J.Cole, Flume, and more. This year held a chance for the festival to prove themselves. They did so in such great fashion, blowing everyone out of the water with rare and hot talent. See for yourself.   Unveiling the full lineup, Life Is Beautiful is something you should start placing on your bucket list. The more »

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Lightning In A Bottle SOLD OUT

With just a week left until the massive event, Lightning In A Bottle has SOLD OUT! Since its inception in 2005, LIB has been on a steady rise to the top, with this year selling out their 20,000 tickets a week before the event is to take place. If you are still itching to go and waited too long to buy your tickets, there is still a way to get your hands on some. You can get a 4 day pass with the purchase of a Boutique Camping Pass. LIB production house Do LaB, and its vast array of magic-makers, more »

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Save The Date for Temple Days

Save the date for Temple Days, Lightning in a Bottle’s pre-event produced in celebration of the festival’s Lucent Temple of Consciousness, taking place on Saturday March 26, 2016 at Wanderlust Hollywood. The second annual “Temple Days” pre-event, a 12-hour urban wellness activation and sacred party, will be an exploration of the diversity of consciousness programming found within the Temple areas that is at the vibrational heart of Lightning in a Bottle. LIB’s Temple of Consciousness encourages attendees to expand their mind with an abundance of heart opening spiritual lessons, whimsical teachings, group rituals and ceremonies, deep healing modalities, potent ancient more »

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The History of Lightning In A Bottle

Lightning In A Bottle just went live with their new website which features LIB 2016 logistics, history of LIB, an new interview series, and a new blog with features leading up to LIB 2016. Check it out below: LIB lovers alike! To stay connected to the roots of our incredible community and to offer those just getting to know… Posted by Lightning in a Bottle on Friday, February 5, 2016

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LIB’s Temple of Consciousness Unveils Transformational Roster for 2016

California’s premiere camping festival, Lightning in a Bottle, has just revealed its exhilarating plans for the 2016 Lucent Temple of Consciousness, which will delve into interactive discussions and workshops covering intimacy/sexuality, deep healing, self-empowerment, liberating practices, finance, activism and more. Located prominently on the festival grounds as the gathering’s sacred vibrational epicenter, The Temple is a sacred refuge devoted to unlocking the mysteries of self and science historically buried from our collective awareness. Featuring celebrated speakers, workshops, day + night time yoga, movement instruction, ecstatic dance, and intimate music encounters with world-renowned musicians–the Temple is the beating heart of Lightning more »

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