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Awakening the Spirit within, Ray Volpe and Krys Talk team up for ‘Spirit Squad’

After completing serveral successful remixes for one another such as Fly Away and my personal favorite By Your Side, the artists known as Ray Volpe and Krys Talk are finally teaming up. This time they are back with a collaborative project under the title ‘Spirit Squad‘. The song starts off like the beginning of an action movie with its adrenaline-pumping synth that reminds you of the opening scene to The Dark Knight. As the energy begins to build up, out of no where a school bell rings surprising you. This is the signal from Ray and Krys that they’re about to shake more »

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Ray Volpe Goes Stellar With Outerworld

Young Ray Volpe. The kid from North Carolina who can’t stop laying down tracks that permeate through out the dubstep world, resignating with beautiful vocals and destructive noise. With a computer and an obsession with a certain footlong-sandwich-making-company, Ray has been taking the US by storm with his relentless brand of melodic dubstep that features a sharp array of sound design and heavy bass. His latest release “Outerworld” fits perfectly in this category. Our stellar ride through galactic bass begins with a blast of sound, a warping harmonic and Ray Volpe’s own voice singing “I’m not from this world”. An more »

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Ray Volpe Takes Dubstep By Storm With “Bermuda”

If you have dabbled in the realm of electronic bass music in the last year, you may have heard of a young, Subway-eating producer named Ray Volpe. If not, let’s introduce you to his music with his latest dubstep anthem “Bermuda”. The last time we visited Ray he had just put out his Bipolar EP which earned him the attention of top-level players in the scene such as party-boy Getter (whom Ray played a few shows with last year). Following that success, “Bermuda” was just released as a free download on Ray’s SoundCloud (yes go cop that shit). The song more »

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Ray Volpe Crushes with Overflow [FREE DOWNLOAD]

One of the biggest leaps made in the bass music world this year came from a Subway-sandwich-loving 19 year old. Ray Volpe is the killer you need to watch out for because this kid has got the sauce. Being a follower of his music for my own personal taste, I was plenty excited to see the release of his highly talked about track “Overflow”. Volpe has been putting out a steady stream of melodic and beautiful dubstep bangers that have garnered him the attention of some top dog artists in the scene including party boy Getter. Ray has been on more »

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