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10 Years of Hard Summer

Hard Summer

A decade of Hard Summer was not only a cause for celebration; it was necessity. If you had attended any of the previous Hard Presents festivals or parties, you would be accustomed to an insanely well-curated lineup spanning all genres barring country I believe (not that there’s anything wrong with liking it, chill). This year’s 10th anniversary of Hard Summer was no different and in my opinion was one of if not the best Hard event I have experienced since Hard Haunted Mansion 2009 (it was lit, trust me). This year I was lucky enough to be invited to check more »

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Latest Album From Camo & Krooked Inspires Innovation In Drum & Bass

As an avid fan of drum & bass and a personal fan of Camo & Krooked since 2012, it has been quite interesting to see the evolution of their sound since then. In full honesty (no pun towards said single intended), my appreciation for them had always been based upon melodic liquid bangers like ‘Watch It Burn’ and ‘Nothing Is Older Than Yesterday.’ However, Zeitgeist first hinted at a changing direction in the duo’s style, and Mosaik marks the complete advancement to something fresh in the realm of drum & bass. The biggest change in Camo & Krooked’s progression has been more »

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Has Calvin Harris Released The Best Pop Album of 2017?

The most talked about album of 2017 so far has just dropped and it was definitely worth the hype. The fifth and probably most different album from Calvin Harris includes an exciting feature list, funk influence, and nearly 40 mins of memorable tunes. Below I will talk about my favourites from the album, not in any particular order. “Slide” Featuring Frank Ocean & Migos The first single released from the album -and definitely a strong one- is very memorable, fun and energetic. Featuring quite different sides of both Frank Ocean and Migos whilst also giving us the first glimpse of what more »

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Fresh delivery from Hucci’s label VERYON ARCHE. “Wrath” could be the soundtrack for 1000 short films. Near melancholy but never dull moods penetrate throughout and set the tone that HOUNDS & SENOJNAYR have crafted. This is the kind of song that fans will be referencing for a long time. “Wrath” is unchained to convention past the somewhat standard but well layered instruments and sounds. H&S take us through a gothic landscape, delicately assault us with some brassy synths, and then sweep it all into an eastern style swing that’s stronger than codeine. I keep pressing rewind and writing a new film in more »

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Next To Blue Drops A Memorable Future Bass Banger

‘Into You’ is the latest single released on Night Owl Collective by Next To Blue. If you aren’t familiar with Next To Blue or Night Owl Collective then hopefully after this you’re sold. The track starts with a filtered melody and vinyl scratch sounds. Slowly more and more elements are added, such as birds chirping and a rhythmic hi-hat pattern. Other little pieces are introduced that perfectly mesh with the main melody before the drop. This quickly progresses with fast claps in the build up to the drop. When it drops, you’re thrown into heavily panned, fast paced and delightful future bass bliss that more »

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A Personal Article Reviewing My Past and Current Outlooks on The Electronic Music Industry

Introduction  I am not an electronic music expert, nor will I ever claim to be one. I have come across many, many other individuals since being involved in this scene who know much more than I do. A lot of them didn’t have to take over a year off to get their lives together either. They’ve been crushing it every day since the moment they said “This is what I want to do for the rest of my life: write articles, produce music, sing on tracks, produce an album, manage this duo, tour the world, let my voice be heard” more »

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Tommy Trash – Luv U Giv (NGHTMRE Remix)

If you were alive in the year of 2015 then you must have been present for the takeover of NGHTMRE. As we arrive at the dawn of his debut eponymous EP out now on Mad Decent. The young producer has yet to slow down as he gives us a preview of a brand new remix with his name on it. Taking a track from Tommy Trash’s latest release on Fool’s Gold, NGHTMRE dips his production prowess onto “Luv U Giv” which is part of a larger remix package. The track starts off with a mellow sound to it as you begin to more »

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This past labor day weekend, almost 85,000 ravers from across the nation adjourned in San Bernardino for Insomniac’s 20th anniversary celebration of Nocturnal Wonderland. With a lineup of over 115 diverse artists, the weekend was set to be historic.  It’s no surprise that when Insomniac events announces another one of their famously themed events, people naturally develop high expectations. Luckily, Insomniac does a phenomenal job of delivering an amazing, communal, musical experience for all of its’ attendees. This year at Nocturnal wonderland, dance music fans from all over southern California (and some neighboring states as well), flocked to San Bernardino more »

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Round-Up Your Friends & Go Watch “We Are Your Friends”

We do not normally write movie reviews here at Trapstyle but this time we have to make an exception for We Are Your Friends. The film tells the story of Cole Carter (Zach Efron), a struggling DJ, hoping to make it big time to realize his dreams of becoming a major record producer.   Cole and his friends are from the San Fernando Valley, that place on the other side of the hill where it’s always blazing hot and it never seems to end. They each have their own aspirations as to what they want to do, but the common goal is more »

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