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Chuck Sutton Chops Together New Track ‘Me, Not You.’


Chuck Sutton landed himself on many people’s radar after the release of his debut EP Tripolar. With 3 Nest HQ premiere’s under his belt, this up-and-comer has made waves with his distinct choppy style of Future Bass/Trap mixed with 8-bit synths. His most recent track, ‘me, not you.‘ is a powerful reinforcement of the Sutton brand. Like any Chuck Sutton track, the critical component to ‘me, not you.’ is the clean and precise vocal and synth chopping. Chuck’s command over the vocals as an instrument allow them to be the main instrument of the song. Meanwhile, the synths take a more »

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KOZAH shares debut single “Unleash ft. Otherside”

KOZAH shares ‘Unleash ft. Otherside’ taken from ‘One More Emotion’ debut EP. Out now via Artist Intelligence Agency & Hegemon Records Listen: KOZAH – “Unleash ft. Otherside” Free Download: dl.aia.ag/kozah-unleash-otherside Spotify: spotify.aia.ag/2cNw3hE Purchase: buy.aia.ag/2cWXGXw Upcoming Albanian/American record producer, musician, and DJ Ilian Veizi aka KOZAH, possesses a unique, contemporary sound that is both radio-friendly and accessible, while still rewarding serious listeners with its genre-bending creativity and playfulness. A self-taught musician, KOZAH has developed a style that sees him meld together elements of film score music, ethnic melodies and live-played instruments, with trap-style drums and seismic rhythmic breaks, all arranged around more »

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BIZZAR Hypnotizes with “False Pretenses”

Having recently been introduced to BIZZAR and his music, I’m quickly becoming a huge fan. With the emotions my existence went through after hearing “Castle”, I was ecstatic upon seeing a fresh upload on BIZZAR’s page. The track “False Pretenses” falls in line with the style BIZZAR is trying to push; forward-thinking, post-edm with R&B vibes and downtempo flavors. The track begins with a trickle of water creating the energy and a plucky melody setting the mood. Moans from a soft voice fizzle through the foreground as the oncoming beat slowly rises up. We are greeted by a chill beat, more »

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Party Favor Brings Signature Sound With “WAWA”

Back with his first original release since dropping the 2016 #2 iTunes Dance charting ‘Party & Destroy’ EP, Party Favor presents new single, “WAWA.” The producer’s familiar mix of festival trap and bass is evident throughout the track’s explosive roars and wobbles, giving you three minutes of non-stop energy. The music video for WAWA is entertaining to say the least; centered around an underground puppy ring, the video pokes fun at illegal fight clubs which accompanies the music appropriately applying a high energy theme and comedic motif. It’s not out til Monday though so you’ll have to wait! Party Favor more »

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Ryden – Unbroken [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Ryden has been breaking grounds in the music world as a rising female artist in the trap scene. Her newest release “Unbroken” is a vocal trek through the darkness. This free download of a journey through sound is the first time Ryden has written the lyrics and sang them on her own beat. She also spits some mesmerizing verses showing an extensive amount of talent throughout the track. The beat is a minimalistic one featuring thumpy kicks and some shifty, tweaked hats. The sound design on the drop is also a nice switchup in the usual noises you hear as more »

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AMERIA – Indestructible [Free Download}

It’s 2016 and the females are killing the game. From Mija to Alison Wonderland to Ducky, gender means nothing in music and Ameria is soon to join in ranks. Her vocal trap anthem “Indestructible” is a blissful montage of sound and bass. The tune starts with a rush of emotion as arpeggiated vocal chops and a piano melody intrigue us. A simple bassline and beating drum pattern supporting Ameria’s raw vocals push the tune along. We follow her down the rabbit hole to the drop where we’re met with an interesting collision of sound and a pop-rock-like drum beat. Between more »

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