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DJ Marky Presents “My Heroes” – The Documentary [Youtube Series]

“My Heroes” release Date: 

15th June 2015

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After more than 25 years in dance music, Brazilian drum & bass pioneer DJ Marky has announced long-awaited debut artist album ‘My Heroes’ – scheduled for release in June this year.
To accompany this album, Marky has filmed a documentary that provides an insight into the making of the album. Citing a documentary on hip-hop producers J Dilla and Marley Marl and his parents record collection, Marky gives us an insight into his influences and inspirations for each of the main track sof the album.
Spotted by UK jungle legend Bryan Gee in 98, Marky spent a lot of time in London and made a name for himself in the 90’s as one of the main jungle pioneers, impressing crowds by his sheer artistry on a pair of Technics: his “Brazilian Job” compilation album in 2001 was one of the biggest selling D&B compilations of all time, with “LK” (Marky & XRS) reaching #15 in the UK charts, getting him a spot on Top Of The Pops.
He then went back to his hometown Sao Paulo, the clubbing and dance music capital of Brasil, and spent the last two decades pushing the sound of jungle locally. The genre became really popular in the late 90’s and he soon became a superstar DJ in Brasil, with a regular show on MTV Brasil and residencies in the biggest clubs of the country. Igniting dancefloors with with the same passion for music he first started producing with two decades ago, DJ Marky’s compilations, mixes and remixes number over 100 – including edits for Everything But The Girl, Claude Van Stroke, Fatboy Slim and Deadmau5.
Smooth and progressive, ‘My Heroes’ thus explores the full spectrum of drum & bass – from full-tilt club fair to laid-back grooves – as well as other musical flavours including house. The debut album is a testament to both the innovative producer – and endearing personality – that DJ Marky remains.
“My Heroes” Tracklist:
1. Bolkwush
2. Roundabout feat. Makoto
3. Get It Up
4. Around You
5. Silly
6. Freedom feat. Makoto
7. Frenesi
8. Getaway feat. Adrienne Richards & Random Movement
9. Be With You feat Collette Warren
10. Medusa
11. Your Love Is
12. Feeling Fine feat. Singing Fats & A Sides
13. Crystal Illusions feat. DJ MS2
14. Bella Drix
15. Those Movements
16. [Bonus] Freedom (Original Instrumental)
17. It’s A Long feat. Makoto (Vinyl Only)

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