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Kanye West vs DeadMau5

Kanye West vs Deadmau5: Twitter war, birthday parties, and “dead-mow-five”

Finally, it is Kanye West vs  deadmau5. The two A-rank musicians are getting ready to face each other off on a Twitter war of epic proportions. Kanye tweeted today, asking how to pronounce deadmau5’s name, and then proceeded to slam the electronic music producer.

This outburst from Kanye is supposedly a response to deadmau5 calling Kanye out for torrenting music from Pirate Bay. Kanye threw shade at deadmau5, claiming the producer barely contributed to Tidal subscriptions.

Kanye proceeded to ask if deadmau5 would play his daughter’s birthday party in a female deadmau5 hat, like Minnie Mouse.

As any electronic music fan will tell you, calling deadmau5 “dead-mow-five” is almost as bad as murder. Kanye’s getting himself into sticky ground with his electronic music fans as he continues his crazed Twitter rants.

If one thing is for sure, Kanye West tweets like he only has 30 minutes of wifi.

Kanye West: is deadmau5 pronounced "dead-mow-five"?




Kanye West vs Deadmau5 Kanye West vs Deadmau5