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Rad Cat

Rad Cat – Wanna Get Away (Free Download)

Rad Cat

Rad Cat has strayed from the path and taken everyone down feels boulevard with his latest single, Wanna Get Away, meanwhile inducing all of the feels. Did I mention you can also grab your free download below?

Opening with a very soft and sensual feel, it’s quickly apparent that you are about to drown in smooth R&B lunacy. The reverb filled snares drop and as the vibes pick up, a burst of energy arises in the most soothing manner. The melody ravishes in subtlety and carries you through an aural ambiance that only Rad Cat can conceive. Ever so lightly soft spoken vocals sift through the sonic beauty that is the hook chanting “Wanna Get Away” and you know something amazing is about to happen. The energy arises again and it reaches the point of no return. You have made it this far and the last thing you wanna do is get away without this track in your possession.

In other words, this is some solid baby making music.


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