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Artist Spotlight: Jorgen Odegard

A while back we published a review of an amazing ‘When You Were Young’ remix that was brought to our attention. Today we meet the man behind the music.If you haven’t heard the name ‘Jorgen Odegard‘ being thrown around the inter webs yet, you’re bound to hear it constantly in the coming year. Jorgen Odegard is a 19 year old producer from Syracuse, Utah who has been steadily gaining momentum on account of his refreshingly innovative remixes and originals. Not only is each Jorgen Odegard release held up to a consistent standard of superb quality, but they deviate from the controversially monotonous trends dance music has become victim to. Jorgen’s forward thinking music is not without it’s lengthy list of accomplishments. About a year ago, he won the Mysteryland/Splice competition which rewarded him with the opportunity to play a set on the infamous WoodStock grounds in New York AND work an original song with none other than Bro Safari. Jorgen has also officially remixed Imagine Dragons and had the remix featured on ESPN, has had his music played out by heavyweight DJ’s like Diplo and HeroBust, and has a Soundcloud that’s racked up several million plays. But what makes Jorgen standout in an extremely saturated market of bedroom producers? We got the chance to catch up with the Utah native to get insight into what makes his music tick.

Trapstyle (TS): What are some of your biggest influences/inspirations?

Jorgen Odegard (JO): I am first and foremost, a student when it comes to music. I’m still learning so much about the industry, the people involved, and myself in general. So when it comes to influences and inspirations, I take bits and pieces of every person and piece of music that I experience and create something I feel represents my taste in music, because that is exactly what got me in this game. As far as a few people that I look up to; the top of the list reads: Kendrick Lamar, Jon Bellion, Cashmere Cat, and of course, Porter Robinson. Kendrick for his attention to detail and will to put his entire soul into everything he touches whether it be a feature or a full length project, Jon Bellion for his pure artistry and impeccable drums, Cashmere for his mesmerizing melodic content and unique percussion techniques, and Porter for his ability to translate his emotions through music without directly expressing them, and for his will to create something that transcends what the experience of music should entail. I could go on indefinitely, but I suppose that should suffice for now.

TS: Do you play any instruments?

JO: I have never been classically trained, but I’ve taught myself a bit of piano and absolutely plan to continue learning!

TS: Any plans for an album or EP?

JO: I absolutely intend to write an album one day that encompasses an idea larger than just a few songs. One of my most significant goals is to create a world of my own inside an album and tour it. There are no definitive plans at the moment, but I definitely intend to write an EP this year, I have a few originals that I’m saving right now, we’ll have to see how things play out.

TS: You’re very versatile. You’ve got an impressive discography that showcases your musical diversity. Any genres you’d want to dip into that you haven’t tried out yet?

JO: I appreciate the kind words! I’m always trying new sounds and grooves, one area I haven’t touched on enough is four on the floor stuff, I actually just wrote something along those lines that will hopefully be released soon, but i’d like to write more of it, in a few ranges, I love slower, kaytra/pomo style house.

TS: What’s the scene like in Utah? How has it developed over the years?

JO: I’m actually kind of an outsider to the electronic scene in Utah, I am still fairly young so when I was getting into the music I was never old enough to go to any of the shows, and by the time I was old enough, I grew less and less attracted to shows with large line-ups, I’m much more interested in album tours. I can say that as a spectator, I’ve seen it grow ten fold. The leading promoters out here, V2, have been consistently putting on massive events and bringing out some great talent. They’re working with a new club out here and bringing premier artists every week. I never thought Utah would thrive in the ever evolving world of massive festivals and clubs, but the scene here is absolutely growing every day.

TS: What can we expect in regards to the future of Jorgen Odegard music? More vibes or bangers?

JO: Definitely both, I’ve got a few bangers ready to release, a few remixes for some great bands that I’m waiting on dates for, some originals in the vault, and a good amount of works in progress that are very close to finished.

TS: What was your experience with winning the Splice x Bro Safari collaboration competition?

JO: It’s been almost a year and I still can’t really put it into perspective, but I will never forget that weekend in New York. I talk to Bro Safari and most of the animal house guys almost every day and they’ve become some of my best friends. I really could talk about that experience for days so I’m gonna leave it at that, but all I can say is that it was a life changing experience. p.s. we’re still working on our tune(s), and plan to finish as soon as possible!

TS: Is there anything you can tell us about the Bro Safari collaboration?

JO: Well, It has evolved into two separate songs, the first one has gone through dozens of structures and leads, and it’s been updated about 200 times in Splice. The second one has gone through it’s fair share of work as well. We were almost finished with it, and out of no where, the project wouldn’t open on Nicks laptop. It crashed every time he opened it no matter what we tried, so that stalled us for a while. I’m actually flying out to Austin to finish both of them in his studio very soon!

TS: There’s no doubt that the industry has been saturated with millions of hopeful producers trying to make it. Any advice for aspiring producers struggling to find their own identity?

JO: I think something most people overlook is that no matter what you dedicate your time to, whether it be a relationship, school, or your dreams, until you find yourself and establish the core of your ethics and philosophy, you will never be able to fully involve yourself in your craft. I say you’ve heard enough production tips, look around you, solidify your relationships, make good habits, and watch pixar movies. That’s my advice.

TS: What are some artists you think are underrated?

JO: Too many. My friends X&G, who are basically mad scientists and will undoubtedly blow up. Medasin, who is easily one of the most sonically impressive producers I know. Kayoh, MXXWLL, Billboard, Tennyson, the list goes on.

TS: If you could be a musician in any decade which decade would it be?

JO: Either the 30s for the big band era, or the 70s for the Motown era!

TS: What kind of music did you listen to growing up?

JO: I am so thankful to have the parents I do, because they are the source of my taste in music. My mom raised me on Motown and my dad raised me on classic rock and Sinatra. The music I first got into other than that was pop punk/post hardcore stuff like Sum 41, Taking Back Sunday, Underoath, The Used, Paramore, AFI, etc. Then I got into hip-hop and R&B, and in Jr. High I got into Indie/Alternative stuff & Electronic music around the same time.

TS: In your opinion, what is the biggest misconception about being a DJ/producer?

JO: Probably that we’re cool. We literally aren’t cool at all. Like every authentic producer that you listen to is a nerd, don’t be fooled.

TS: Was there any particular moment where you decided music is what you wanted to devote your life to?

JO: Music has been my main source of happiness since I can remember, but I suppose one moment was when I won a remix competition for Party Favor. It wasn’t anything huge, but it was the first time I ever put things into perspective.

TS: What’s one song you can listen to on a daily basis?

JO: Int’l Players Anthem by UGK & OutKast. I will never get tired of that song.

TS: To those who haven’t heard your music, how would you describe it?

JO: Cinematic, Melodic, Nostalgic, and Dynamic.

TS: What’s a venue or event you’ve always dreamt of playing?

JO: Of course all the festivals, but I’d love to play Madison Square Garden and Red Rocks some day. Classic answer but I think all of us dream of that stuff, not necessarily to just play those events, but to earn them and really belong there is the dream for me.

TS: Do you think the saturation in the market is pushing people to be more creative or hindering creativity with trends?

JO: I think it’s doing a bit of both, Saturation is never a good thing when it comes to music, but what I see is a lot of people broadening their taste and diving into the really creative stuff. That’s what I’d encourage everyone to do, be open to some of the weird stuff, it’s full of hidden treasures.

TS: Who is your all time favorite musician?

JO: It changes everyday, I definitely wouldn’t be able to answer this question with absolute certainty, but if I had to give an answer I’d say Michael Jackson or Led Zeppelin.

TS: If you’re on tour what’s the one guilty pleasure food you HAVE to have?

JO: Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso & Peanut M&M’s.

TS: Do you have any creative outlets besides music?

JO: dank memes.

TS: Songs like wavedash have a particular sense of nostalgia about them. What influences from your childhood/upbringing do you bring into your music?

JO: I never claimed to be a gamer as a kid, but the older I get the more I realize how much of a nerd I actually am. I played Pokemon, Smash Bros, Jak & Daxter, Spyro, and Kingdom Hearts religiously as a kid. I definitely bring a level of nostalgia to my music as far as chord progressions and melodies, but hopefully the people listening will experience their own memories with the music and create a new generation of nostalgia.

Today, Jorgen released his latest single ‘Back’. This track is consistent with his recent string of releases and packs more energy than the average listener can handle. As usual, ‘Back’ lives up to a superb standard of quality that Jorgen is known for. Stream ‘Back’, along with Jorgen’s other music via his SoundCloud now!

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