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Trapstyle’s Weekly Roundup Volume 2

We at Trapstyle have come up with yet another round of sounds that made our extremely selective requirements. From warped bass tracks with heavy subs to softer beats with more emotion, this editor’s choice is full of flavor and for those who enjoy critically listening to their songs. This week, we have a medley of songs by the likes of Crystalize to Curbi to Not Your Dope

Krys Talk – Faded

Released by blossoming tastemakers  Rauthentic & Play It Louder, after a year of no public songs artist Krys Talk makes an intense blast into the present with his classy trap song ‘Faded’. This song is introduced with a classic hip hop melody and beat, letting  you soak in the complex beat and melody patterns. The drop of the song brings back the beat with a majestic phase of vocal chops and hollers with a finely tuned saw riding melodic waves. Listen to it HERE.


Taptone X Kende – Blank

Taptone has arisen again for another great Future Bass track, this time with up and coming artist Kende. This is a perfect spring song for the versatile listener who enjoys mainstream bass music with a twist. The drop has well-known saws with a soft but melodic lead that lies on top of the cloud that is the midrange of the song. Check out this soon to be viral hit HERE.


Curbi – Triple Six

Britain based producer Curbi is back with another unexpected banger for the grungy clubs from Boston to Sydney with his new song, ‘Triple Six’, getting released by Spinnin Records on June 6th. The name is quite ironic, considering it was released on the 18th of May. This intro is a classic go to for Curbi and his style, and the drop could be no one others, with it’s signature bass sounds combined with new twists and turns. Listen to the preview HERE.


The Chainsmokers – Inside Out Ft. Charlee (Not Your Dope X Spirix Remix)

If you thought you had heard the best of Not Your Dope, you were wrong. He and Future Bass newcomer Spirix have come with a catchy remix of The Chainsmokers’ song Inside Out featuring vocalist Charlee. This catchy remake keeps you listening for the duration of the song, in preparation for the breathtaking drop. The drop of the song has a massive, indescribable lead on top of airy saws to fill the room with emotion. Listen to it HERE.


graves & Coolights – Say Things (Crystalize Flip)

Moncton (Canada) based duo Crystalize are back at it again for a heart wrenching flip of ‘Say Things’ by graves & Coolights. They are notorious for forcing upon their listeners bass, on top of bass, with a little brass and sophisticated sound design. We at Trapstyle can’t wait to see what’s in store for Crystalize, and am waiting for when they will be a regular name on festival lineups. Prepare yourself for the flip of a lifetime.

Let us know which of the five tracks were your favorite. Did we miss any? let us know in the comment section. See you all next week.