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Callie Reiff Exclusive Interview

We were fortunate enough to score an interview with a young DJ/producer who is making a lot of buzz at a really young age. She has already played shows at huge NY venues such as Webster Hall, Output, Slake, and Terminal 5. The New York City native has garnered support from big names like Annie Nightingale and Marcus Nasty for her DJ and production skills. This artist, of course, is Callie Reiff. She recently collaborated with another favorite, Dapp, on a new song titled, ‘Wobble.’ The high energy single was released last week on Fool’s Gold Records. After the single was brought to our attention we knew we needed to set up an interview with the young superstar, and here’s how it went:

You’re 16 and already have a release on Fool’s Gold. How did you make that happen? Did you submit to them, did Dapp hook it up, or did they reach out to you?

I have always known about Fools Gold ever since I got into the electronic music scene. They’re a huge label in New York, and I look up to A-Trak. I felt like the Dapp collaboration was perfect for Fool’s Gold, so I had my team send them the demos, and boom!

In just 16 years, you’ve done what a lot of people have been trying to do for 20. What do you think sets you a part from the rest?

Ever since I was young, I have had a strong work ethic. When I need to get stuff done, I’m able to buckle down and get it done. Plus, I have a huge passion for everything, and that’s super important!

So I know you learned from the best on how to DJ over at Dubspot, did you also take production classes there?

I took a few production classes when I was 13, but I learnt a lot by messing around with Ableton and watching a tons of videos.

Did Dapp hit you up for this collab or the other way around?

I met him after I played Webster Hall for the first time. We really hit it off and both wanted to collab, so I sent him over a demo of Wobble, he made his edits on it, and we wrapped it up at TPA Studios in NYC.

Seeing as your still 16 and experimenting with styles, do you have a favorite style you like to produce?

Wobble was super fun to make, I love creating fun music like that but I also have a soft side. Recently, I’ve been making a few chiller remixes with major feels.

What’s next for you? Do you want to tour soon?

A lot of new music! I’ve been working with my older sister, Cassidy Reiff, who is a singer/songwriter, on a few tracks,which I’m excited about. Touring would be awesome though!

Which festivals do you want to headline?

I definitely want to headline festivals like Mysteryland and HARD!


What do you produce with? Favorite synths and plugins?

I produce with Ableton. My favorite, go-to plugins are Serum & Massive. Serum has so many tools, I find myself tweaking and playing with the presets for hours.


Can we expect an Ep soon or maybe an album? 

Maybe…. 😉

Check out ‘Wobble’ below:

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