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Trapstyle’s Weekly Roundup Volume 3

This week we are bringing you a very eclectic bunch of music. These five tracks will cover you in whatever feels you’re feeling this weekend. From Sean Paul samples all the way to club certified deep house jams, we have you covered in every field. Check out our selection for this weeks round up below.

First, to get you in the mood for your Friday night festivities, we have a Falcons & Juelz track that features some smooth vocal samples of Sean Paul. This song is a certified hood classic. The track features phat subs, sprinting hi-hats, and all the sirens you need in your life.

If you find you need a little more raw savagery in your music this weekend, We’re Not Friends has the perfect song for you. The song features some trap elements as well as dubstep wubs to shake you up, the kids these days would call this a Hybrid Banger. The perfectly placed break samples combined with a squelching synth will have you head banging the night away.

This one I picked out for that post party Friday or Saturday night cruise down the highway. Daniel Ness sure does know how to remix a song. The hip-hop influenced song features what sounds like Ratatat influenced saw synths, some super punchy kicks, and some amazingly enveloped future bass synths. Even Sunday morning while you’re whippin up some brunch. This song really could be listened to at any time.

This beat right here is a fuego masterpiece. Like the previous track, TEK.LUN has provided us with a masterpiece that can be played any time anywhere. The filthy, sliding sub bass is perfectly accented by snare hits and craftily placed hi-hats.

Last, but certainly not least comes a club house heater from rrotik. I stumbled across this track last night and am obsessed. This track is the perfect amount of clubby and deep to make you want to dance. Classic layered house synths mixed with a super catchy, tech influenced bass line creates a beautiful dance ambience.

Check out the playlist on SoundCloud here.