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Artist Spotlight: 2ToneDisco

Feature Photo: Anastasia

Today I’m bringing  you an artist spotlight on the notorious internet music duo, 2ToneDisco. They’ve been really active lately dropping some new new almost every month, done some awesome collabs with Ducky and Dreamcasts, and even dropped a few mixes in between. New music is awesome but it’s even better when its a sound that is unique to an artist and 2ToneDisco have nailed it with their 8-bit like internet sounds.

Without further ado, here is 2ToneDisco.

Free download: HERE

Hey guys! What’s the 2ToneDisco journey been like since we last dropped Sakurai on Trapstyle?
James – Currently we have been working on newer music and figuring out our hybrid live DJ sets. It’s been cool figuring out how to fully incorporate a live synth and sampling into our sets. We recently also released a song with our good friend Ducky and been focusing on some awesome collaborations.


On to other good stuff – tell us about your latest collab with Dreamcasts, “Glimmer” and how that came to be. What was your creative process like?
James – Well we really wanted to focus on collaborations more and I heard a Dreamcasts song on Nest HQ and was instantly in love with the sound. He uses a lot of sounds that resonate with us, so I had to reach out and ask if we could work on something. It was a lot of back and forth and a few rough versions but eventually it came to be the bright and shiny track that it is today.


What gaming system would you say is the best representation of Glimmer and why?
James – 
It would have to be the Sega Dreamcast, not only the influence for Dreamcasts name, but probably our favorite console ever made.


Top 3 acts you guys would love to go on tour with?
James – Girrafage, Porter Robinson, or a Japanese Tour with Tomgg would be amazing.
Omni – Tofubeats, Amanaguchi, or Flume.


What are some of your musical influences?
James – A lot of early influence from the Ed Banger crew on the electronic side of things, they were making almost electronic punk music which aligns with a lot of music I listened to in High School and growing up.
Omni – Definitely draw a lot of musical influence from bemani rhythm games from the early 2000s.


If you could have this song placed in any video game (new or old), which one would it be?
James – The Chao Garden of Sonic Adventure 2, one of the most prominent games on the Sega Dreamcast.


Describe the 2ToneDisco style in 5 words or less. Go!
James – Fun, Supportive, Pop Culture, Friends.
Omni – Simple, lighthearted, funny, pop, bounce.


What is one thing your fans may not know about each of you?
James – I used to be a film/design major and make a lot of our content and art direction.
Omni – I have minor synaesthesia and have to assign sound to colors to arrange songs on piano or in a DAW.


Do you guys play any musical instruments? If so, which ones?
James – I love drum machines but I am not sure if they are considered an instrument but I actually used to be the front-man and vocalist.
Omni – I can play Piano, bass guitar, Melodica and a little bit of violin.


Tell us about the support you’ve received from labels like Buygore, Owsla, and PlayMe. Have they been instrumental in the successes you guys have earned?
James – Yea they definitely have been very supportive of us, we were surprised by a lot of them since they typically support usually heavier music. Play Me and Reid Speed specifically opened up a lot of doors and Buygore also have one of the most supportive teams who were very supportive of our vision. OWSLA & NEST HQ feel like home, they tend to support the more unique music across the board.


What’s your guys’ favorite thing to do when you’re not in the studio or playing shows?
James – Currently I have been getting back into designing and unique video content.
Omni – I like exploring a lot. I take my bike or trains/buses and try to discover new places I haven’t been in LA.


Care to share anything before we go?
James – Create positive environments everywhere that you go.
Omni – There is no final boss in Metal Gear Solid V. The game just kind of ends.


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