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Rhythmstar – Blood MagiQ EP


Rhythmstar Blood MagiQ EP // OUT NOW on ShadowTrix


The newest EP from Rhythmstar has just been released on the thundering label ShadowTrix Music. This EP consists of 6 tracks driven with massive undertones of 808 psychedelic global bass sounds featuring some fresh underground MCs laying down fire on top of the Dancehall and Exotic Rhythms. The sounds of Blood MagiQ rattles the tombs of Pharaohs with its percussive overtones, a sound evocative of millions of scarab beetles crawling up the inner walls of the pyramids.

Rhythmstar has performed live at countless festivals including the following Lightning in a Bottle, The Cosmic Convergence Festival in Lake Atitlan Guatemala, The Symbiosis Gathering, Arise Music Festival, Genius Loci, and 5 Points Gathering. Rhythmstar seeks to seduce and inspire the dancefloor as a practice of spiritual worship and has received monumental reviews and feedback with record releases on other labels like Street Ritual and Generation Bass.

We were blown away upon hearing it, there is a magic and a soul to it that is shining. We just needed to find out more about this rising producer and performer and interviewed him as he’s in between stops on Tour right now.



Where did you come up with the concept for Blood MagiQ?

Blood MagiQ is a reference to my favorite story – Game of Thrones. In the story the Blood Magic is a form of Dark Arts that can bring the dead back to life. I was hoping this EP can do the same for anyone listening to it whose possibly going through moments of doubt or hard times.


How would you describe your style of music?

Global Bass. Looking at rhythms from all over the world and fusing them with modern Bass music. Specifically 808s. Trying to weave the melodies of Latin America, the Far East , Island Cultures, with the Synths of Electronic music and Cinematic Soul.


Who are some of your greatest musical influences?

This is tough! I love so much music in every style and genre. Recently in the past few years Iv been addicted to the shattering glitch and seduction of FKA Twigs – whose produced by Arca who also does the beats for one of my all time favorite artists Bjork. The first Electronic Music I ever got into was Drum and Bass and its never left my crate from the days of Vinyl to my current Ableton sets… I love everything on the Shogun label: MY biggest D and B influence right now is Technimatic its just gorgeous soulful hard hitting liquid. Been loving recently how all the Trap and Future Bass music has been moving from 70 BPM to 60 – its so sexy at that tempo – My biggest influence in that world is SALO and everything that coming out of the ShadowTrix Label. Just came from playing a set at Symbiosis and got to spend my birthday backstage at the Ivy lab set at the Juke. The Halftime those dudes are putting out is the next level- I didnt hear Sub Bass like that and rhythmic complexity anywhere else in a festival stacked with incredible artists


As a producer, what is your song creating process like?

I always start w the Drums. I start layering up my snares number 1. Choose a tempo and a key (I usually write between F-G because the fundamental frequency of the Sub will hit the best on most systems). I like to think of each track as a story and I start trying to find unique bits and samples to layer into that story. I wrote the track Aztec Maya after returning from playing NYE in Guatemala at the Cosmic Convergence Festival. I found the accapella online first of Deuce Eclipse from an old breakbeat track…but the real secret in that track is there is an atmosphere in it I recorded from this Irish anime that Torin of Birds of Paradise recommended called Song of the Sea. Its just the most beautiful little animated movie, and there are these mystical little protective beings in the film, that cruise around with this sparkling dust. I soundflowered the dust, and stretched it out, added in pieces of it during the breakdowns and percussion sections. I think I take an unorthodox method to writing tracks in that I am percussion focused. I try to have my track driving and hitting hard just based on the drums and percussion before I even begin on the instrumentation. I feel like If I can get the whole thing moving just with the drums then when I start adding in the Bass/Chords/Melodys/Harmonies Its like icing on the cake.


What can fans expect from one of your DJ sets?

A massive range of styles and tempos all flowing seamlessly together. I always joke with people that I play faster and slower then everyone else. Im really interested in time manipulation. Lately Iv been slowing down from Merkabas Psy music into Drum and Bass ( Drum and Bass is faster? How do you mathematically slow down into a faster tempo? You have to come see me to play to Understand). The common thread that connects all my music that I create and that I pull from is – Soul… Its got to have a Soul to it


Which other artists do you want to collaborate with the most?

Currently working on a Jungle style 808 Tango track w my friend Rorschack from Israel. And I cant way to get back in the studio w the Pawz crew from LA ,who I worked with on the Alien Queen track from the Blood MagiQ EP… We are working on a RhythmPawz EP of Future Dancehall and Trap music. I have been friends w Lorin Bassnectar from the time we went to UCSC together in 1996 and Ihave always dreamed of collaborating w him on a Dream Tempo track.


What do you hope listeners take away from Blood MagiQ?

Activate yourself to make a difference in this World. Beyond the party, we as a dance community worldwide are powerful and intelligent and massively creative and wealthy, and we can alter society for the better. Use our resources to do good, create peace, help the people that need our help the most. Be conscious of the Trap and Twerk and Hip Hop that has lyrics that are cultivating an evolution that respects and honors women the original tribes and empowers people to feel free, to be themselves and live an ecstatic life


What would you like to say to everyone who is a fan and supporter?

Thank you. Gracias para Mundo. Merci. Arigato. Obrigado. Shukran. Toda. And in Hawaii we say Mahalo Nui Loa! I appreciate you all so much!


What can we expect from you in the next six months? Next year?

Currently on Tour till November and then heading down to Central America to Tour in the winter. Come see me on the road… Nothing compares to the live experience! And If you come and see me at a show Come give me a big Bear Hug


What is the main message that you’re trying to convey?

“When you realize that your enemy is suffering that is the beginning of Insight ” Thich Nhat Hanh

Essentially though, when it’s all said and done my main message is – Love <3


Is there anything else you want to be sure fans know about your music?

Thank you for asking this!
There are so many new tracks set to drop in the coming months. A remix for David Starfire’s Karuna remixed Album, a remix for Erica Dee, and a ton of unique collabs with underground artists.

Find RhythmStar on Soundcloud & Facebook for updates on everything as they become unleashed