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Hairitage – Overthrown [Free Download]

Nothing beats fresh tunes and a promising artist when you love music.

The third release on TrapStyle Records, entitled “They’re Overthrown”, is a far out and funky dubstep track from young gun Hairitage. The up and coming, genreless producer has had releases on Ultra Records, Cr2 Records and others so we had to snag “They’re Overthrown”.

The track begins with an old school film projector sample and a vocal from what seems like a 1950’s infomercial. We’re enticed with a smooth organ melody and some reggae style guitar plucks to tease our ear drums. The beat is fun and full of jazzy percussion snaps. While the energy is building you can feel the oncoming palpitation of your heart matching the drums. The wailing, modern-talking bass with that throwback flair yells a funky melody at us, whipping that flanger back and forth. “They’re Overthrown” wreaks of funk and soul the entire time as the tune worms it’s way through your ears. We get a completely new school track with a 2011 feel and vibes meshed from Liquid Stranger to Griz. Hairitage nailed this one right on the brostep head and I’m stoked to see what else comes from this guy.

Stream “Overthrown” from Hairitage below and score a free download off our SoundCloud

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