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Camo & Krooked – If I Could / Ember – Out Now!

Camo Krooked
We’re excited to announce that leading electronic duo Camo & Krooked have 
officially announced their fourth album: ‘Mosaik’, to be released May 2017 through Ram Records. ‘Mosaik’ is a musical montage comprising Camo & Krooked’s every influence and ambition, fusing the fractured fallout from their agenda-setting third album ‘Zeitgeist’. A personal drive to strive even further into the electronic music unknown and create an even bigger picture than they’ve ever created before

Their influence, motifs and techniques still referenced across drum & bass to this day, with ‘Mosaik’, Reinhard Rietsch (Camo) and Markus Wagner (Krooked) wish to change their own personal game entirely. Building on what they’ve established during their 10-year career, yet bucking every trend, technique and common tool of the trade, ‘Mosaik’ is written like, sounds like and will be delivered like no other album.

“It’s a logical progression from what we have done, but at the same time 

we have tried many new things and gone into much more of a listening 

experience with a lot more focus on story telling. The goal is to make 

music that has enough energy for the dancefloor but is musically advanced 

to be listening to at home. That’s why this record took longer to make… 

The last one was still very much for the dancefloor but this is like a 

dancefloor record in disguise.” – Camo & Krooked

The product of over two years studio solitude and agrowing collection of vintage synths and high-end studio hardware, Reinhard and Markus’s vision has been to create something timeless. A picture that can be returned to again and again. A picture that will gradually be revealed by Camo & Krooked, RAM and BMG UK as we build up to the long-awaited ‘Mosaik’ release in May 2017.  

The first new music to reach all of us will be ‘If I Could’ and ‘Ember’ from today. Both tracks are charged with the duo’s crisp, melodic, minimal drum & bass signature while hinting at something new and exciting. ‘If I could’ features brand new vocalist Joe Killington. A UK singer who chanced upon an early demo and won the duo’s ears on the basis of a rough iPhone demo recording. 

“We were recording another session and Joe was just there sitting in the 

corner. We didn’t talk to him because we were all busy. When we were 

finished he was like ‘guys I got this idea which I’ve recorded on my phone.’ 

He played it, we thought it was cool, he got in the booth and the vibe was 

magical.” – Camo & Krooked   

One take, mission complete: Riding on bass plucks and foley percussive sounds of their own, it’s another future classic from the Viennese duo and is backed by the equally evocative ‘Ember’, a track keen fans will already be familiar with; it’s been a tried and tested intro cut to the duo’s recent headline shows across the globe’s biggest and most respected festivals. 

“It’s been our intro for several months and is in high demand. It’s one of 

the more dancefloor tunes on the album but its same vibe and feel that you 

can expect from what’s to come. A theme that we’ve found keeps repeating

naturally throughout the album is that each song feels like a movie because 

of the emotion and the melodies. This is down to the long drawn out 

melodies rather than short hooky ones. Short hooky melodies get annoying 

real quick; we want something with longevity. Something you’ll still want 

to listen to in 10 years time…” – Camo & Krooked

Ten years is a long time in any game. In electronic music it’s beyond a lifetime. Back to the present and Camo & Krooked are about to start delivering their most ambitious project so far. The big picture is only just coming into view… 


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