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Gypsy Mamba Announces New Album ‘Magnetic Syndromes’ on Alpha Pup

8fd97935-3fbc-4bbb-95d6-332fe873987016a3f423-c3d9-4785-bf7f-361efaee957dGypsy Mamba Announces New LP, Premieres the first track “Like Chill” exclusively on Magnetic Magazine

From artist, Gypsy Mamba:

“This is my most personal record to date I left all genre at the door and purely allowed my emotion and how I was living at any given moment dictate the direction of each track. This album reflects a darker time mentally that I have pulled myself out of. The term ‘Magnetic Syndromes’ plays as a indicator of how depression anxiety and hard times are attracted to me like a magnet”

“…we also have the first single, “Like Chill”, here for our listeners. While only three minutes long, the song takes us on an emotional ride, bringing the listener on a journey simultaneously through the creator’s personal life, along with a re-examination of our own inner-happenings.”  – Magnetic Magazine





Gypsy Mamba’s Magnetic Syndromes will be released January 27 on Alpha Pup Records.
Pre-order the album on iTunes Here.

Listen to “Like Chill”  & pre-order via digital and vinyl here.