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CONTRA – Latest single “Oneistoomany” & “Divi Filius”

ShadowTrix Music is a homebase-lease-place expanding label, whom are on the rise and dishing out some of the finest 808hop/glitch/(anything)-step/ bass music that the web has to offer. In this avenue of psychedelic- intelligent dance and experimental music ShadowTrix takes a chair among sonic comrades and fellow labels like Gravitas and Street Ritual Records. All three labels are among, I would say, the top “go-to” hubs for underground electronic bass music. These entities share and feature an array of different emerging artists; take Astro Raph for example, or an artists such as Soulular whose music trumps in the test of time.

Specifically distributed via ShadowTrix some of the best renders are output here by Soulular, Pilzbeats, RhythmstarHullabaloOShermGerm, Trevor Kelly,  Pleasureand quite a number more! Although another artist to be spotlit here is a Jacob Tullos, best known under alias of CONTRA. CONTRA has turned out one of two 2017 February leases on ShadowTrix Music entitled”Oneistoomany” and dropping his second 2017 February release “Divi Filius” on Gravitas within the recent weeks.

Click here or the SoundCload image below to hear “Oneistoomany“. When listening to this single its quality composition is hard to miss and you quickly hear the reflections of some pretty superb craftsmanship! Sticking true to a great adage of life, saying that “One is too many and a thousand is never enough”.