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Macrohard X Radio Adidas podcast – “Bass”

Big ups to DJ MacroHard with release, simply entitled “Bass” as just one amoung a slew of numerous other MacroHard mixtapes and compilations, is now being broadcasted on Radio Adidasat Istanbul, Turkey. Of umpteen achievements, this Duke College graduate has managed to build a solid team behind him as well as a successful and sustaining career as a modern DJ/musician. Playing major clubs within the EDM circuit on the Asian-Pacific market, in countries such as Singapore or his homeland Korea. His collaborations and choice of tracks are so good, off top shelf of grade A+ quality club tunes that are expected to leave you hyped up and in mania. Show some love to this mastercrafter of beats and check out the lastest by DJ MacroHard below!

Radio Adidas: https://radioadidasoriginals.wordpress.com/on-air/


1 La Di Da Di by Doug E. Fresh, The Get Fresh Crew
2 My Adidas by Run D.M.C.
3 Game, Set, Match by 20syl
4 Bit Me by Pushloop
5 Rift Walkers by Seriph, Cromatik
6 You Used to be My Cup of Tea, Now I Sip on Lean (TYNVN Remix) by Frost
7 Forever With Us. by Roshima
8 Sunduq by Ethan Glass, Yunis
9 Turn My Music Up (Blanda Remix) by Lafa Taylor, Aabo
10 Wonderwall by Subtronics
11 New Creep by N/A
12 Leeeen by Xtals
13 Maniac by Shlump
14 Things by Clvza
15 White Crow by Anxire
16 Take Me Away by A Boy & A Girl
17 Heavy as a Heart Break (Jupe Remix) by Just A Gent
18 Bloodclat by Drill Drill
19 Original by Otxhello
20 Whip by Kvn Aust, Wax God
21 Pay Me by Hati
22 Diamonds by Aedfx.
23 Defiant Order (Craze Remix) by Birdy Nam Nam
24 Oh Boy (Ivy Lab Remix) by Cam’ron
25 Genesis by HMU
26 Recharge by 2047
27 Stutter (Clin Remix) by Suma
28 Gangsta’s Paradise (Abbesses Remix) by Coolio, L.V.
29 Sw|tchblade by Flusk, Second Sun
30 Fourth Impact by Rezz, K?d
31 Decimal by Thook
32 Bent by Sumthin Sumthin
33 Bling! by Changmo
34 Pnoid by Guccimen
35 Bad and Boujee (Valleyz Remix) by Migos
36 Nowhere by Josh Pan, X&G
37 Fall Apart (Mishap Remix) by Krane, Alexander Lewis
38 Distist by Amb
39 Time Machine by Eazybaked, Cambot
40 The Chrome Knight by Of the Trees
41 Candyflippin by Subsurge
42 Fuckedup411 by Mr.Carmack
43 Rukidding by N/A
44 M O N T E L L by Jeddy Beats.
45 Entanglement by Macrohard, Treezus

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I know I’m not the likes of SHM to deserve such a grand documentary, but I wanted to capture the amazing times I had deejaying in Korea and the early stages of my career. But mostly, I wanted to give shoutouts to all the labels, blogs, and crews that supported me and made me want to continue and follow my passion and dream to become an artist.

MacroHardKnock Documentary

Track Listing:
Boy Game (Macrohard Remix) – Kings Love Jacks
King Kong (Macrohard Remix) – David Heartbreak
Spirits (Macrohard ‘TEC 9’ Remix – Stas
Keep It Gully (Entransik & Macrohard Zouk Remix) – Diplo & Swick
The Baddest Niggas (Macrohard Mashup) – Notorious BIG vs. CL