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Chuck Sutton comes out with new track 'me, not you.'

Chuck Sutton Chops Together New Track ‘Me, Not You.’

Chuck Sutton landed himself on many people’s radar after the release of his debut EP Tripolar. With 3 Nest HQ premiere’s under his belt, this up-and-comer has made waves with his distinct choppy style of Future Bass/Trap mixed with 8-bit synths. His most recent track, ‘me, not you.‘ is a powerful reinforcement of the Sutton brand.

Like any Chuck Sutton track, the critical component to ‘me, not you.’ is the clean and precise vocal and synth chopping. Chuck’s command over the vocals as an instrument allow them to be the main instrument of the song. Meanwhile, the synths take a back seat in his track and serve to augment the melody of the vocals. Underneath all of this is an incredibly sharp drum line paired with a smooth but hard legato 808.

His first track since the EP only a month ago, Chuck shows no signs of slowing down. His distinct style contrasts refreshingly with mainstream trends while not being completely alien to them. Be prepared to hear more of this funky style in the coming months.

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