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Artist KaTT Takes Narrative Approach To Music In ‘The Opus Collection’

After hearing a playlist entitled ‘Opus Ira‘ by Toronto producer KaTT, there was no doubt in my mind that he has the potential to be a real force in the current Trap scene and Bass scene in general. A holistically structured body of works, this project delivers not only on each individual song but also as a collective composition, like chapters of a book. And they literally flow into each other. The ending of each song serves as the beginning of the next, emphasizing the connected nature of the story. The theme is very clear: “Ira”, meaning wrath. ‘Opus Ira’ take this theme and twist it into different forms with each song, highlighting different aspects of the emotion while maintaining the same conceptual base. It is the EDM equivalent to the art-style of works like Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall‘.

But as I later realized, it went way deeper than I could have imagined.

Immediately after hearing this playlist, I went all the way through KaTT’s catalogue to find that ‘Opus Ira’ wasn’t just a holistic work. I instead found that ‘Opus Ira’ was itself a part of another holistic catalogue, ‘The Opus Collection‘. Each song was a chapter in a book composed in acts, and ‘Opus Ira’ served as Act III. Just as each song was a standalone work that gained power in the context of its greater work, so to is ‘Opus Ira’ a standalone project that is a member of an even larger narrative.

At this point it was clear to me that I found more than just a producer; that I found an artist, in the full scope of the word.

Understanding that more was going on than I could parse myself, I ceased my own analysis and immediately reached out to KaTT to get an understanding of what exactly this project is. Explaining the frame of ‘The Opus Collection’, he replied:

“The Opus is a story that explores the complicated and ambiguous process of death. It explores what one’s experience would be like during the transition between living and dying. Every track released has a description that furthers the story, deepening the list of characters and themes.” -KaTT

A description on every track! Here I was enjoying the narrative of the songs themselves, literally not being aware of the full story. There was an even deeper level to the content of the narrative, a textual layer. He gave a description of Ira’s story as an example:

“Opus Ira (Ira meaning “wrath” in Latin) is about the anger, fear and frustration I imagine one experiences throughout the process of death. Ira herself, one of the characters, is the personification of death– but I won’t say anything beyond that to avoid spoiling it for new listeners.”   -KaTT

Citing a disillusionment with the EDM culture of single releases with the attempt at the next “trap banger” or “big remix”, and seeking to add more purpose to his music, the artist set ‘The Opus Collection’ into motion. Already up to the 12th song of the project, KaTT has goals for the project lasting up to 100 songs! A project of this size, scope, and depth would be an incredible feat in the world of EDM. We at Trapstyle are excited to follow the rest of not only ‘The Opus Collection’, but also KaTT’s artistic story.

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