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Caitlin Cronenberg

Kygo Impresses With New Ellie Goulding Collab

After successes with his debut album and more recently his collaboration with Selena Gomez, Kygo has released his next single “First Time” with Ellie Goulding.  This is the first time the EDM world has heard from Ellie Goulding in what feels like a long time.  Many people were surely looking forward to the track just for that reason, and the song itself certainly didn’t disappoint.

“First Time” follows Kygo’s signature sound into a semi-experimental direction, with his pluck still clear but more of a leniency towards modern pop also noticeable.  This is more or less in line with “It Ain’t Me” and its part pop, part tropical house sound, although the new single has a different sort of pop influence.  Lyrically, the song is reminiscent of The Chainsmokers and their albums lyrics, bringing something of a rebellious adolescent feel to it with the usual content about drinking, smoking and being young.

After being out for only two days, the track is closing in on the top ten and will certainly continue to keep Kygo one of the biggest faces in electronic music.  Listen below: