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The Latest Seven Lions EP Moves His Style Into New Territory

Seven Lions is generally known for releasing one strong EP annually, usually introducing new elements with each one while maintaining a signature style. His newest one, Where I Won’t Be Found, does an excellent job of keeping his name relevant for longtime fans and more casual EDM listeners alike. The EP focuses somewhat more prominently on vocals than his previous one, and brings popular modern genres like future house and future bass to the table for Seven Lions to exercise his talent on.

Where I Won’t Be Found features multiple new names to Seven Lions regarding collaborations. Notably, Monstercat producer Unlike Pluto can be seen on ‘Rescue Me.’ Two collaborations with electronic duo Rico & Miella are found as well. Rico & Miella are generally known for releases on labels like Revealed, Protocol and Armada, and tend to feature Miella’s vocals as the collabs here do. Other vocalists featured on the album include Skyler Stonestreet on Freesol, Karra on Silent Skies, and NÉONHÈART on the title single.

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The EP begins with ‘Freesol,’ a single released by Seven Lions earlier this year. Skyler’s vocals flow well with the melodic dubstep bordering on future bass style of the song, and fans of Seven Lions both new and old are likely to be pleased by this start. Following ‘Freesol’ is the second single and title track, ‘Where I Won’t Be Found,’ which begins with a drop that marks the first notable foray into future house for Seven Lions. However, it follows with a second drop that is closer in style to that of ‘Freesol,’ which again works well with the vocals in the track, the singer being NÉONHÈART this time.

Seven Lions takes a more minimal approach with ‘Slow Dive,’ which features an unnamed male vocalist and trap to future bass-like vibes edging on a more chill side than the previous two tracks. ‘Sun Won’t Rise’ is the first collaboration on the release with Rico & Miella, and is a significant move towards a more ambient feeling, with virtually no drums to be heard. Next comes the collaboration with Unlike Pluto, which many fans were likely looking forward to and which did not disappoint. It may be straight up future bass without the intensity of dubstep involved, but it doesn’t feel generic and is a strong joint effort between the two artists. The other collaboration with Rico and Miella follows, and departs from ambient sounds but remains in a similar category with soft chill drums and a subtle low drop that can even go unnoticed if the listener isn’t paying full attention. ‘Steps of Deep Slumber’ is a solo effort, and serves as the epic of the album, drawing strong emotions from the listener and moving into a late progressive house drop with calm but feelsy breaks in between a second similar drop. The final piece on the album is a melodic dubstep anthem with much fewer traces of future bass than the others on the album, and features vocals from Karra. Overall, it ends the album well as it reminds truly seasoned Seven Lions fans of his persona and style in one of his oldest releases, Days to Come.

Seven Lions is very rare to disappoint, and this EP is a reminder that he is still a very important figure in electronic music. He is no stranger to experimenting with new sounds, and manages to bring his old style together with new ones in ways that flow and work well, and the release is very much worth listening to below.

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