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6 Artists That Inspire Chime To Make Badass Bass Music

Chime is an artist revolutionizing bass music in a way that creates a melodic side of heavy bass unlike most artist who choose one side or the other. In conjunction with Point Blank Music School, Chime sat down to tell us where he gets the inspiration for his creative sound.
Xilent’s “Choose Me II” opened my eyes (and I guess ears) to the fact that melodic
dubstep could even work. This track introduced me to supersaws and how a
dubstep track can be powerful even without traditional dubstep bass sounds.
Since then Xilent has been a close influence on my music thematically and in how
he approaches mixdowns and complexity within the bass music genre. Special
shoutout to Seven Lions too as he only furthered my love for melodic bass music.
I feel that Eptic serves as the perfect example of a dubstep producer with a unique
signature style. You know immediately when an Eptic tune is being played
because it sums up those strong images of boss battles, dungeons and evil
geniuses. Theming and conjuring images has always been important to me when
writing my own music – Eptic has solidified this for me while setting the standard
for creating bass patterns that are sure to hype up a crowd. I’d also like to mention
MUST DIE! here as a lot of these points apply to his music too!
From the same exact town of Leeds in the UK as myself, making very similar
music even down to the melodic twist, yet always multiple steps ahead. For about
7 years Fox Stevenson has unknowingly been driving me to improve my own
music to “catch up” while serving as a constant reminder that succeeding in this
industry is entirely possible with hard work. In addition, his focus on riff-based
bass music is both refreshing within today’s dubstep sound and familiar for those
of us who loved where the genre started.
LoneMoon is arguably my biggest musical influence. Over several years we’ve
completed 7 collabs both in production and vocal features and are practically
always working on something together, be it another collab or a track for my label
Rushdown. We’re also constantly consulting each other on our musical ideas.
LoneMoon’s style of dubstep follows closely to mine but with a unique character
all of its own. There’s a focus on fun, exploration of old-school sounds and a
removal from current trends. We share the same vision for the Colour Bass genre
we are working to curate and it’s a constant pleasure to work with this beast of a
producer and vocalist!
Adam Tell stands slightly outside the dubstep world while occasionally dipping into
it for influence. His colourful synth pop sound has increasingly become an
influence on my own work and I feel he shares a similar love all that is bright,
sparkly and positive. Adam Tell proves you can make fantastic songs with bass
music as a guide rather than a rule book. You’ll very rarely hear a track of his
follow the structure or tempo you’d come to expect from a bass music track yet his
sound touches on that same kind of detailed mid-range beauty that made me love
the genre. To boot he writes strong meaning and the catchiest melodies into each
song – both of which I feel are sorely lacked in the world of today’s bass music.
Camo & Krooked have worked largely within the Drum & Bass realm for most of
their career but have gradually transformed their sound between their numerous
albums. Hearing their signature sound evolve over the years has given me a great
insight into how an artist’s music can vary in the long run. It makes me excited to
hear what I’ll be coming up with years down the line. Camo & Krooked have been
a great example of dance music producers moving more towards a sound
intended for listening at home while retaining tracks suitable for the live
experience. I feel that this may be similar to the way I go later on. Their new album
“Mosaik” has been an incredible reference for innovation, production quality and
musical ideas and it’s practically all I’ve been listening to since it came out in June.