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Toxic Summer Was Full Of Filth, Wonks and Serious Neck Breakage

We were lucky enough to attend what is probably one of our favorite events ever, Toxic Summer.  From beginning to end Toxic was absolutely amazing, the music, the production, the vibes; Vital really outdid themselves this year with this event. Thank you bass gods for blessing us and bringing Toxic back for two days again this year; and bringing an absolutely killer lineup.

Friday started off with Bommer and JPhelpz getting things heated up and prepping us for what was to come.  What was to come next was one of the most legendary b2b’s we’ve ever witnessed. Da Butchers themselves, Shiverz and Obey absolutely destroyed their set; chopping us up to pieces.  The rest of the Friday lineup included Space Laces, Dr. Ozi b2b PhaseOne, Ray Volpe b2b Tisoki, Barely Alive b2b Virtual Riot, and closing out the night the man 12th Planet b2b Must Die!  Everyone brought something wild to the table, and getting to see Tisoki for his debut US appearance was unforgettable.  Necks were most definitely broken that night.

As we approached day 2 our bodies were anything but ready, but that certainly did not stop us; especially with how stacked the lineup was.  Yakz and Svdden Death started things off Saturday and boy did they kill it.  It almost did not seem legal to throw down a set as filthy and wonky as theirs was.  These two have been killing the scene lately and after this set we cannot wait to see what is in store for them.  Sadly, Squnto was unable to make his set because of flight isues; but Tisoki gladly took his spot and played a solo set for the crowd.  Next up, and probably our personal favorite of the night, was Ooacile.  Everything about his set was disgusting; hearing Riddim Girl live had us cheesing like a little kid on Christmas.  LAXX was up next, mixing lots of jumpy/headbanging sounds.  His set definitely kept us on our toes.  Following his set was Coffi and Soloman from Gentlemens Club, and you know they threw down; bringing that UK sound and reminding us why we love that old school dubstep. Trollphace and Krimer were up next and following them was Funtcase and Cookie Monsta.

Realizing Toxic Summer was over and having to walk out of the venue was bittersweet; this was hands down the best event Vital has thrown in so long and we are so blessed and happy that we got to be apart of it.  They really out did themselves this year and we cannot thank them enough for filling our souls up with filth and happiness. Is it next year yet?